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Cheyenne Police Department to step up enforcement over Thanksgiving holiday

(File photo; Trevor T. Trujillo, Cap City)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — With Thanksgiving and the winter holiday season quickly approaching, the Cheyenne Police Department is participating in a statewide traffic safety initiative to help prevent unsafe driving behaviors.

This week, law enforcement agencies are expecting heavier than normal traffic, and more drivers
on roadways increases the potential for vehicle crashes. From Nov. 23 through Nov. 27, officers are increasing patrols and encouraging drivers to be more vigilant about following traffic safety laws.

Traffic safety is a responsibility shared by the community and remains an ongoing priority for the CPD. Cheyenne police officers continuously conduct enforcement operations in areas with notable traffic safety issues — speeding in particular.

So far in 2022, these enforcement efforts have resulted in 12,944 traffic stops, a 68% increase in stops compared to the same period last year, also exceeding the total number of traffic stops in 2021.

Additionally, the top cited traffic offenses in 2022 are:
• Speeding: 849 citations
• DUI: 355 citations
• Failure to yield to a traffic control device: 159 citations
• Failure to maintain lane: 144 citations

Members of the community are urged to follow posted speed limits, eliminate distractions and have a plan to get home safely.

“The data indicates that we have successfully increased our traffic enforcement efforts, but ideally we would like to see these numbers decrease as a result of safe driving habits,” Chief Mark Francisco said. “Working together and keeping the rules of the road top of mind, we can finish the year strong and have a safe holiday season.”