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Driver on Thanksgiving charged with 4th DUI in 10 years, various driving misdemeanors


CHEYENNE, Wyo. — A 43-year-old man is facing four misdemeanor charges and one DUI felony offense after being arrested in Cheyenne on Nov. 23.

Justin Seilaff of Rawlins was arrested after being stopped around 1 a.m. at the intersection of East Lincolnway and North College Drive, according to information from a booking sheet. Seilaff has been charged with felony DUI, as it’s his fourth in 10 years. He is also being charged with possession of an open container, driving without an interlock device, driving with a suspended license and driving while not wearing a seatbelt.

The Cheyenne officer states in the booking sheet that they observed a vehicle traveling south near the intersection of East Lincolnway at 12:40 a.m. The officer observed the vehicle take a left turn at a red traffic signal, then continue driving while swerving in its lane.

The officer pulled over the driver, who failed to move to the right side of the road but instead stopped in the center lane. When the officer approached the vehicle’s driver’s-side window, Seilaff was initially unaware that the officer was standing there, according to the booking sheet. When the 43-year-old rolled down his window, the officer could see an open beer can in the car’s cupholder. He also noted that the driver was not wearing a seatbelt.

Upon contact, the officer could hear that Seilaff was slurring his speech, could smell an odor of alcohol coming from him, and could see that he had bloodshot eyes. When the officer told Seilaff to turn off his vehicle, the driver became upset and began calling people on his phone, according to the booking sheet. Seilaff initially resisted exiting the vehicle but eventually relented. The officer then handcuffed Seilaff.

Seilaff agreed to take a field sobriety test. The officer kept the driver in handcuffs due to his verbal incompliance, the booking sheet states. Seilaff performed eye movement, one-leg stand and walk and turn tests for the officer. Seilaff refused to perform a breath test, however. The officer ultimately arrested him on his driving behavior and poor performance on the tests.

Additional officers arrived to search Seilaff’s vehicle and discovered it didn’t have an ignition interlock system, which it is required to have. Law enforcement also discovered that Seilaff’s driver’s license had been suspended from December 2022 to Nov. 28, 2023.

The officer transported Seilaff to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center and received a warrant for a blood draw. The blood draw was taken, then the officer transported Seilaff to Laramie County Detention Center on the DUI charge and four misdemeanor charges. Additional review of Seilaff’s criminal history showed that he was charged with one DUI in 2018 and two in 2019.

Seilaff’s court appearance is set for 1:30 p.m. Dec. 12 at Laramie County Circuit Court.