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Laramie County Crime Clips (12/21/23–12/22/23)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Here is a brief summary of notable crimes in and around Cheyenne, obtained through law enforcement reports compiled by the Cheyenne Police Department, the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office and the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

Fleeing/Eluding, North College Drive, Dec. 21, CPD

A 58-year-old Cheyenne man has been charged with fleeing/eluding, reckless driving and expired or improper registration after police attempted to stop him at 3:37 a.m. around North College Drive and East Pershing Boulevard for improper registration.

When police turned on their emergency lights, the man drove north on North College Drive reaching speeds of up to 50 mph, running several red lights and stop signs and then driving south in the northbound traffic lanes of Interstate 25 at speeds over 100 mph, the booking sheet states.

Eventually, a successful spike strip deployment stopped the man’s truck and he was taken into custody.

He was taken to the Laramie County Detention Center, where he was served several warrants including four Laramie County failure to appear warrants — two for sentencing and two for probation revocation — and a felony warrant for failing to appear for sentencing in Albany County on a charge of possession of a controlled substance.

Public Intoxication, Capitol Avenue, Dec. 21, CPD

Police are charging a 45-year-old transient Cheyenne man with public intoxication and possession/use of a controlled substance after they were called to an unwanted person on the 1600 block of Capitol Avenue.

Arriving officers spoke with a manager who said the man was on private property, under the influence and loitering, and he was no longer welcome on the premises. The officer said that while speaking with the man, there was a strong odor of alcohol.

The officer conducted a pat-down search for weapons and found a glass pipe with suspected methamphetamine residue. The man was taken into custody and taken to the Laramie County Detention Center.

Burglary Warrant, West Lincolnway, Dec. 21, CPD

A 40-year-old transient Cheyenne man suffered a seizure after throwing himself into a wall during an arrest on a burglary warrant.

Police said they were called to the 700 block of West Fox Farm Road for a report of a missing person. During the investigation, it was learned the person was on the 2400 block of East Lincolnway in a hotel room. The man was also at that location, a booking sheet states.

Confirming the burglary warrant, police took the man into custody. He demanded to know all of the elements of the charge, and when police said they wouldn’t know until they got to the Laramie County Detention Center, the man told officers he would no longer comply, the document states. Police said he threw himself against a wall, and two officers took him to the ground to gain control. The man continued to resist and was placed in a restraint system.

Police report the man suffered a seizure on the floor, which caused scrapes on his left shoulder and face. The man was vomiting and could not control his breathing. EMS took him to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, where he was later cleared for jail. He was then taken to the Laramie County Detention Center.

Criminal Trespass and Drug Possession, McFarland Avenue, Dec. 21, CPD

A 31-year-old Cheyenne man is charged with criminal trespass and possession of a controlled substance in pill or capsule form after police were called at 3:45 p.m. to the 300 block of McFarland Avenue for a suspicious person knocking on a door and walking around in a backyard.

The resident showed the officer a video of the suspect walking around the property after being told to leave. While talking to that person, officers learned the man was on the 200 block of Stanfield Avenue, one block away, walking around in another person’s backyard and taking items, a booking sheet states.

While driving there, officers made contact with a witness who saw the man in the backyard trying to get into the house. He said the man walked south on Stanfield Avenue, the document states.

Officers found the man walking away from the home, and he was taken into custody. During a search, officers found a suspected fentanyl pill inside his front pocket wrapped in tin foil. A glass pipe was also found in the man’s coat pocket.

He was taken to the Laramie County Detention Center.

Assault, West 6th Street, Dec. 21, CPD

Police are charging a 40-year-old New York, New York, man with simple assault, interference with a peace officer without injury and criminal trespass after they were called to the 100 block of West 6th Street at 9:38 p.m. for a man who needed to be removed from the bar.

A booking sheet states police were told by bar staff that the man showed up already intoxicated. When he was told to leave, he became upset and threw a serving platter like a Frisbee at the bar staff’s head. The staff member said had she not moved, the platter would have struck her. Bar patrons jumped into action and physically removed him from the bar.

The man refused to tell officers his name or what happened. He was taken into custody and placed in the patrol car. He continued to be uncooperative. His identity was discovered through some paperwork and his possessions.

He was taken to the Laramie County Detention Center.