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Local resident arrested for threatening to burn down family home

Laramie County Governmental Complex is inlaid with a photo of Zackary Mondello. (Laramie County Sheriff's Office)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Zackary Lee Mondello, 31, appeared in court on Feb. 5 following an incident at his home in Cheyenne. Charged with first-degree arson, Mondello’s preliminary hearing is set for Feb. 13, with his bond set at $5,000 cash.

The situation unfolded on Feb. 2, when police were called to a residence over a disturbance involving weapons. Mondello — under the influence of cocaine, according to police reports — had threatened to burn down the house.

Mondello initially ignored police commands and barricaded himself in the home. Upon finally exiting, he spoke of a confrontation with his family, exacerbated by his drug use. Despite denying any intention to use a knife or burn the house, evidence at the scene contradicted his claims, according to the report.

The person who reported the incident recounted a day filled with Mondello’s destructive behavior and threats of arson, culminating in Mondello bringing a gasoline can into the house and pouring gasoline inside. They described a physical altercation with Mondello, who then armed himself with a knife and gasoline, according to the report.

Police reports state they found a gas can and blood in the garage, alongside a knife and lighters in Mondello’s bedroom, corroborating the account of his threats.