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Cheyenne man sentenced to 9–15 years for sexual assault

Laramie County Governmental Complex (Lisa Hushbeck/Cap City News)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — In a recent court ruling, Cheyenne resident Eric Smith received a two- to four-year sentence for burglary, which will run concurrently with another two to four years for a separate burglary charge as well as a nine- to 15-year sentence for sexual assault. The sentencing, handed down by Judge Catherine R. Rogers on Feb. 29, encompasses Smith’s series of crimes.

Smith has been recommended for the Wyoming Honor Conservation Camp Intensive Treatment Unit and the Youthful Offenders Program. However, Judge Rogers noted that a sentence reduction post-program is unlikely to be granted, despite approving the recommendation.

Incidents Leading to Arrest

The charges stem from multiple incidents, including a sexual assault on July 23, 2022, in which Smith unlawfully entered a woman’s home and assaulted her. The victim reported waking up to Smith on top of her, an encounter she had not consented to. Surveillance footage and DNA evidence played a crucial role in Smith’s identification and subsequent arrest.

Additionally, Smith was implicated in a theft at the Green Door Bar on Oct. 16, 2021, in which he stole a significant amount of cash and personal items, including a firearm. Another burglary involved the theft of electronics from a residence, with Smith being positively identified by witnesses.