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Cheyenne woman terrified in gunpoint assault; suspect claims it was BB gun

Laramie County Sheriff Vehicles (Lisa Hushbeck/Cap City News)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — In the early hours of March 3, Deputy Budde, a member of the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office, responded to an assault call at the 1800 block of South Greeley Highway. The suspect, identified as Won Buchanan, pointed a handgun at Jade Lovelady, making her fear for her life, according to a police affidavit.

Lovelady, who had only known Buchanan for a few weeks, reported that he arrived at her residence uninvited. After a brief interaction, Buchanan, who was asked to leave, brandished a black handgun at Lovelady, according to her statement in a police affidavit. The affidavit states that Buchanan then left the scene in a white Buick sedan, leaving Lovelady terrified.

Upon returning to the scene, Buchanan was detained by authorities. He immediately claimed that the weapon was merely a BB gun, located under the driver’s seat of his car. Deputy Budde confirmed finding a black BB handgun that closely resembled a real firearm.

Lovelady expressed her fear, stating she was “scared for her life” during the encounter. Despite Buchanan’s insistence on the weapon being a BB gun, Lovelady said she knew it was a handgun because of how Buchanan was holding it, and she could see the circular profile of the barrel as it was pointed at her.

Buchanan denied pointing the BB gun at Lovelady, instead claiming he only intended to show he was not “vulnerable.”

Buchanan was charged with felony aggravated assault and battery via threatening with a weapon. He had his initial court appearance on March 6 and was set a $1,500 cash or surety bond. He will have a preliminary hearing on March 14 before the Laramie County Circuit Court.