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Cheyenne man arrested on warrant, linked to burglary

Laramie County Sheriff Vehicles (Lisa Hushbeck/Cap City News)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — James Edward Carrera, 35, a transient Cheyenne man, was arrested on June 7 and later linked to a burglary. Deputy Budde of the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office apprehended Carrera on the 1600 block of Central Avenue.

Deputy Budde recognized Carrera and knew of his outstanding warrant. Dispatch confirmed the Laramie County warrant, signed by Judge Chambers on May 30, for failure to appear on a theft charge of less than $1,000, according to booking sheets. Carrera was taken without incident to the Laramie County Detention Center.

Two days later, on June 9, Officer Bray of the Cheyenne Police Department responded to a past burglary report on Oxford Drive. Surveillance footage showed Carrera carrying a backpack with bolt cutters and a sledgehammer. He was seen cutting a security camera wire and stealing multiple tools from a garage. Witnesses reported that Carrera pawned the stolen items at a local pawn shop, according to a police report.

The Cheyenne Police Department connected Carrera to the burglary based on the evidence from the scene and the witness reports. He now faces additional charges, including burglary and possession of burglary tools. Carrera’s next court date for these charges is a preliminary hearing set for June 17. He was set a $3,500 cash bond