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Cheyenne fire stations respond to thousands of calls in 2023

(Courtesy of Cheyenne Firefighters)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Cheyenne Fire Rescue recently released call data from 2023, which revealed that the city’s stations each responded to thousands of emergencies in the past year.

Station 1 in downtown Cheyenne responded to by far the most calls, with 3,687. Station 2 along Fox Farm Road responded to 1,944 calls in 2023. Station 3 on Cleveland Avenue responded to 2,888 calls last year. Station 5 along Dell Range answered 2,185 calls. Station 6 at Western Hills responded to 1,564 calls.

According to the release, those numbers total a bit higher than CFR’s overall count, since some calls required responses from more than one station.