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Should voters be required to show proof of residency? Secretary of State’s Office wants to hear from the public.

Chuck Gray, Secretary of State (Dan Cepeda, Oil City News)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — On Dec. 7, the Office of the Secretary of State filed its Notice of Intent to amend Chapter 2 of its Election Procedures with the Wyoming Administrative Rules System to require acceptable identification for proof of identity and proof of residency when registering to vote in Wyoming. The office also wants Wyomingites to provide uniformity and clarity concerning providing evidence of citizenship when registering to vote.

“Strengthening our residency requirements has been a key priority of our administration,” Secretary of State Chuck Gray said. “The proposed revisions are key to fulfilling our obligation of ensuring voters in Wyoming are bona fide residents of Wyoming, and the Wyoming county clerks have also testified before the Legislature on the need to add clarity to Wyoming’s voter registration procedures as they relate to proof of residency. Ensuring that those who register to vote in Wyoming must provide proof of residency is pivotal to election integrity and security for our great state.”

The secretary of state continues: “It is also pivotal that we provide clarity and strength concerning requiring evidence of citizenship when registering to vote. I am thankful to the input provided by Wyoming’s county clerks, and look forward to continuing this collaborative process as we proceed through the rulemaking process.”

Copies of the proposed rules may be obtained on the Wyoming Administrative Rules System, rules.wyo.gov, by using the advanced search for proposed rules; by contacting the Secretary of State’s Office at 122 W. 25th St., Ste. 100; or by calling at 307-777-7378.

Public comments regarding the rules may be submitted by email via the Rules System website by using advanced search for proposed rules and the “Provide Public Comment” link, or by emailing comments directly to Joe.Rubino1@wyo.gov. The public comment period ends Jan. 26, 2024.