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Young girl who made life-saving 911 call meets dispatchers who talked her through emergency (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Delilah during her visit to the Casper Natrona County PSCC (Courtesy of Casper PD and PSCC)

CASPER, Wyo. —  March 5th, 2020 played host to a touching reunion between a 8-year-old girl who made a 911 call, and the dispatchers who helped her, after the girl found her mother unconscious.

The Casper Police Department and the Casper Natrona County Public Safety Communications Center sent out a a statement Monday afternoon, saluting an area 8-year-old identified by them as “Delilah.”

Officials say that Delilah called 911 right away, after finding her mother, and was connected with Amanda Munoz, a telecommunicator with the center.


“Delilah’s mom, Griselda, has been having conversations with her daughter since she was five-years-old about what to do in case of an emergency,” a joint release from Casper PD and the PSCC said. “Living with a serious medical condition, Griselda knew it was crucial for her daughter to know how to call for help if the need arose. On Sunday February 9th, 2020 at 5:46 pm, it did.”

According to the release, Delilah asked Munoz to contact her using the Facetime App. She and other personnel at the PSCC, including lead tele-communicator Erin Tower, decided to Facetime with Delilah if that’s what she needed.

Approximately 12-minutes later, emergency crews arrived on scene, reportedly right before the PSCC tele-communicators were about to talk Delilah through how to perform CPR.


Griselda was transported by Ambulance to an area hospital, and today she is reportedly doing better.

“Griselda and Delilah are working to spread a life-saving message about the importance of talking with your kids about about what to do in case of an emergency,” the Monday statement said.

““We all care about our community, that’s why we work here,” said Munoz about Delilah’s request to Facetime. “We’re going to do what we need to do to help people. When talking with a child I always think, ‘If this was my kid, how would I calm them? How would I talk to them?’ It made her feel better that we could see what she was seeing. We were no longer just a voice on the phone.” 


Delilah and her mom came to visit the dispatchers who took her call. Lori Jackson, PSCC Manager, presented Delilah with a Certificate of Appreciation for her life-saving efforts and dedication to helping others. 

“We believe it takes all of us to keep our community safe. Please, talk with your children about how and when to call 911. Make sure they know crucial information about medical conditions, addresses and names,” emergency officials said Monday. “We hope that your child will never have to call us for help, but if they do, the Casper-Natrona County Public Safety Communication’s Center is here for them twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.”

Delilah and Griselda (Courtesy of Casper PD and PSCC)
Casper Natrona County Public Safety Communications Center Lead Tele-communicator Erin Tower (Courtesy of Casper PD and PSCC)
Casper Natrona County Public Safety Communications Center Tele-communicator Amanda Munoz (Courtesy of Casper PD and PSCC)
Deliliah and Casper Natrona County Public Safety Communications Center Lead Tele-communicator Erin Tower (Courtesy of Casper PD and PSCC)
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This article originally appeared on Oil City News. Used with permission.