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Easing the Financial Fight

Wyoming Child Support Program

The Wyoming Child Support Program (WCSP) offers many time and money-saving services.

But, what does that mean to you?

They can help to ease the financial discussions between the parents. Those discussions can cause tension, fighting, and more issues in the relationship. That is where WCSP can be a benefit to you. As one customer explained, having WCSP be the “middle man” helped her and her ex-husband put their focus back on the children.


Here is Beverly’s reasons for using Wyoming Child Support Program:

“The Wyoming Child Support Program is a support that helps me and my ex-husband to effectively co-parent our children. In the past, any discussion about money always led to an argument. Now, we don’t have to talk about child support with each other. Instead, we work with our Case Specialist at the local Wyoming Child Support Program office. We opened a case with them immediately after the divorce. The Wyoming Child Support Program made the arrangements to have support withheld from his paycheck. And even though he has changed jobs a few times, the Wyoming Child Support Program has worked with each new employer to set up withholding. The Wyoming Child Support Program has also helped us modify the order at least twice. Each time, the modification happened efficiently. We now spend our time discussing important things regarding our children. I encourage all parents with support obligations to open a case.”

To start your case today, go to the website https://childsupport.wyo.gov/ for the online application and for the location information in your area. The Wyoming Child Support Program is a program of the Department of Family Services which exists solely to promote the safety, well-being, and self-sufficiency of families through community partnerships.

Wyoming Child Support Program