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Man arrested on multiple charges following high-speed pursuit with WHP

Collissi Deangelo Woody (Courtesy of the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – Law enforcement officials say they have arrested a 23-year-old man at the conclusion of a highspeed pursuit with the Wyoming Highway Patrol on January 7th, 2021.

According to an affidavit filed in the case, Collissi Deangleo Woody was arrested by the Cheyenne Police Department during the evening hours of Thursday, January 7th, 2021 on multiple recommended criminal charges.

Court papers say on the 7th of January, CPD officers were dispatched to a location in Laramie County to investigate a report of a carjacking.

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Police report that they made contact with an individual who alleged that they had been in a physical altercation with Woody. The accuser told authorities that Woody had punched them in the head and face several times.

The affidavit says that officers observed swelling on the side of the accuser’s face.

According to court paperwork, the accuser alleged that after Woody assaulted them, he then stole their vehicle. The accuser advised police that they never gave consent for Woody to drive their car.

The car was described as a 2009 Black Ford Escape.

“Woody was located near Campstool Road and Livingston Avenue by officers,” authorities stated in the affidavit. “Officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle, but Woody fled.”

Court paperwork reports that when the CPD notified the Wyoming Highway Patrol that they were in pursuit of a 2009 black Ford Escape and was headed east toward I-80.

A trooper with the WHP says they observed the vehicle enter a truck stop parking lot.

“As I got closer the vehicle sped up and left the parking lot traveling west on the I80 service road. The vehicle was not maintaining their lane and was at speeds as high as 90 mph,” the trooper stated in a sworn affidavit.

Officials with the WHP say that troopers deployed spike strips in an attempt to bring the suspect vehicle to a stop. After running over the spike strips, the vehicle reportedly ran through a steady red light.

According to the affidavit, Woody later ran the vehicle he was operating over the strip spikes again at the same intersection.

“I attempted to perform a tactical vehicle intervention on the suspect vehicle. As I moved closer the suspect vehicle swerved into my patrol vehicle causing me to slam my brakes,” the trooper stated in the affidavit.

Court papers say that when Woody’s vehicle came to a rest, he got out of the car and laid down on the ground to await being placed into custody.

Court paperwork reports that during an interview with CPD officers, Woody stated that he believed that he had hit the accuser between 5 and 15 times during the altercation.

During his initial appearance in Laramie County Circuit Court on Monday, January 11th, 2021, Woody was read the felony charges of Aggravated Assault and Battery and Theft.

According to the arrest information provided by the Laramie County Circuit Court, Woody is being charged with Aggravated Assault due to attempting to cause “serious bodily injury” to the pursuing WHP trooper.

Woody was also read the misdemeanor counts of Reckless Driving, Speeding, Eluding, Failure to Maintain Lane, Careless Driving and Domestic Battery during the same court proceedings.

All of those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges are subject to change following official filings from the Laramie County District Attorney’s Office. Information is provided by the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office.