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(PHOTOS) Cheyenne Fire & Rescue share stories of heroism, service amid raging winter storm

Courtesy of Cheyenne Fire and Rescue (Facebook)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – As the snow begins to slowly melt from our rooftops, the stories of heroism amid the historic blizzard that slammed into Cheyenne are becoming forever cemented in our city’s legacy.

We have heard and seen examples of neighbors reaching out helping one another as Cheyenne recovers from the 31 inches of wet snowfall. We have been witness to the generosity of our community spirit as residents helped medical personnel get to work by giving them rides on the back of their snowmobiles.

There have been so many incredible stories of citizens selflessly going out of their way to ensure that other people were safe.

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Perhaps a few weeks ago some would have argued that the past year has forever strained our relationships with one another in our community amid world-stopping pandemics and overheated political campaigns. It seemed like any sense of togetherness and empathy we used to feel for our neighbor was burned up during the summer wildfires that ravaged Wyoming

However, if the blizzard we have all experienced has taught us anything it’s this:

Despite the things that may divide us, Cheyenne is a still community that can come together when catastrophe hits.

There are no better examples of this persevering community spirit than the recent posts from the Cheyenne Fire and Rescue Facebook Page.

The department has been sharing stories of how their members went above and beyond the call of duty during the recent winter storm that raged across south and central Wyoming last weekend.

They have shared tales of personnel who pulled ambulances out of drifts with their own vehicles and how firefighters worked tirelessly to help open up the streets and pathways for emergency services.

Local 279 President, Theron Haws and his son, spent his off days pulling residents free from the snow. (Image courtesy of Cheyenne Firefighters Facebook)
“How many blocks did Cheyenne firefighters trudge through several feet of snow, to get to those in need of help? We may never know that numbers. But their legs know! Much of the time, fire trucks had to remain on thoroughfares as the personnel accessed the neighborhoods.” the Cheyenne Firefighters wrote. (Courtesy)
“Our members found was to their shifts. Sometimes not in ideal methods. But they wanted to be there- for their brother and sister firefighters; and for their community. Here, FF Andrew Dyl decided to walk to work. How’s that for some dedication?!” Cheyenne Firefighters posted on their Facebook page (Courtesy)
On March 17th, the Cheyenne Firefighters posted the following: While off-duty, FF Tyler Gautreau traveled across our city with his personal vehicle. He pulled residents to safety; ambulances out of trouble; emergency personnel to and from their shifts. Here’s to ya, Tyler Gautreau!

The Cheyenne Firefighters also posted the following video showing the conditions their personnel were overcoming while in service to the community:

“This was the view from Engine 5, the night the storm began to hit. Despite these and worse conditions, our firefighters continued their responses. There is no telecommuting for us. There is no “punching of the time clock” when circumstances threaten. There is only service to our community,” the department posted.

The department also reminded us that fire never takes a day off, no matter how strong a blizzard can be.

“Believe it or not, still occurs when we’ve been covered in 31” of snow! Cheyenne Fire Rescue personnel responded to this roof-top, restaurant fire,” the Cheyenne Firefighters posted on their Facebook page.
Who would’ve ever thought for snowmobiles to be so handy for our fire department! They saved the day for some of our responses. We had members put on more than 30,000 steps, according to their phone-pedometers,” Cheyenne Fire and Rescue posted on Facebook on March 18th, 2021.

However, this morning Cheyenne Fire Rescue posted a story that may be the crown jewel of anecdotes the department had been sharing amid the storm and subsequent snow cleanup.

“Cheyenne Fire Rescue personnel helped deliver a baby boy during the blizzard!.” Officials stated on their Facebook page.

“As access into the call was hampered by deep snow, part of the crew from Ladder 1 rendered care to mom, and delivery and care to baby, while the other members dug access for the ambulance. Great job, guys and gal!”

There are likely a thousand other stories that the Cheyenne Firefighters and other emergency service personnel could share about what they endured while making sure the residents of our city were safe during the historic storm.

From us at Cap City, to all of you who put yourselves in harm’s way to serve Cheyenne, we are so very thankful for your commitment to our community! May these hope-filled anecdotes of service and heroism be forever eteched into the legend of Cheyenne.