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Report: Denver’s iconic restaurant Casa Bonita files for bankruptcy

Casa Bonita, Facebook

According to reporting from Fox31 in Denver, the popular Colorado landmark restaurant Casa Bonita has filed for bankruptcy amid the crippling COVID-19 crises. 

The report states that Summit Family Restaurants, the company that owns the Lakewood restaurant, filed for Chapter 11 protection in Arizona April 6, according to court documents obtained by Denver7.

The documents did not specify the exact amount of debt the company owes. However, the filing states that the company’s noncontingent liquated debts are below $7.5 million.

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A Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing offers a business time to reorganize their debts, not necessarily close for good.

Casa Bonita has been closed during the pandemic, but recently announced that they would be reopening soon. No additional details were provided.

According to Fox31, a gofundme was created to “Save Casa Bonita” on March 14.

The description reads, “We are a group of Denver people who love Casa Bonita and are worried about its future. Casa Bonita is an important cultural and historic icon and a vibrant piece of the Colorado landscape.”