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(PHOTOS) Rally to oppose Biden Vaccine mandate held at Capitol steps in Cheyenne Tuesday morning

Wyoming Representative Chuck Gray (R - Natrona County) addresses those gathered at the "Medical Freedom Rally" in Cheyenne on November 30th, 2021.

CHEYENNE, Wyo., – On Tuesday morning, an estimated crowd of around two hundred people gathered outside of the Capitol Building in Cheyenne, Wyoming to oppose what event organizers call the “unconstitutional overreach of the Biden Covid-19 mandate.”

The Medical Freedom Rally is scheduled to run from 10 AM through 2 PM and was organized by Wyoming Campaign for Liberty, ReOpen Wyoming and Wyoming Health Freedom.

A crowd gathered at the November 30th, 2021, “Medical Freedom Rally” in Cheyenne, Wyoming. (John Roedel, Cap City News)

Event organizers say that the following people are scheduled to speak throughout the day:

  • Pastor Don Kramer -Opening Prayer
  • Taylor Haynes – Dr & Former Candidate for Governor (Edit: Dr. Haynes was unable to attend due to illness)
  • Rep Chuck Gray – Wyoming House Freedom Caucus
  • Kathyrn Scigliano – Moms for Liberty
  • Kristy Tyrney – Wyoming Health Freedom
  • Michelle Silvey – Wyoming Principles of Freedom
  • James Barth – Constitutional Candidate for Sheriff
  • Freddy Flores-Salieb – Conservative Corner
  • Anthony Bouchard – Wyoming State Senator

At the beginning of the rally, Natrona County Republican Representative Chuck Grey called out Wyoming Governor Gordon on his response to COVID-19.

Wyoming Representative Chuck Gray (R – Natrona County) addressed the crowd at the November 30th, 2021, “Medical Freedom Rally” in Cheyenne, Wyoming (John Roedel, Cap City News)

“The only thing that he (Gordon) has taken action is liberal stuff. Shutting us down. That is the only thing he has done decisively in this gubernatorial office,” Gray said to the crowd. “It is all talk. No action.”

Gray spoke on the criticism of the special legislative session has received saying that “It’s not a waste of time – ever – to stand up for what is right. “We had some good bills. The bills they ended up referring to committee. We amended them to make clear that religious exemptions were going to be accepted no matter what, he went on to say.


Gray stated that he recently learned at a Converse County Rally that Banner Health and other medical facilities were going to be putting a cap on the number of religious exemptions they were going to grant. He alleged that in Casper, medical exemptions have been denied for pregnant women.

“This is sadistic,” Gray said.

Kathyrn Scigliano a founder of the group, “Moms for Liberty” addressed the audience warning that she was concerned that Biden’s vaccine mandate would eventually find its way into Laramie County School District #1.


“The reason why we are here, helping support medical freedom is if they can get to the medical side of this and to the health care workers than it is going to trickle down to our schools,” Scigliano stated.

Kathyrn Scigliano, founder of Moms for Liberty speaks to the crowd gathered at the “Medical Freedom Rally” in Cheyenne, Wyoming on November 30th, 2021. (John Roedel, Cap City News)

She said that the schools don’t have the right to vaccinate their children without consent.

“Vaccinations should not be happening in schools,” Scigliano added.


The rally comes the day after a federal judge on Monday issued a preliminary injunction halting the enforcement in Wyoming and nine other states of a rule from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services mandating healthcare workers get vaccinated against COVID-19.

That injunction was issued after Wyoming joined Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota and South Dakota in a lawsuit challenging the vaccine mandate.

(John Roedel, Cap City News)

On Monday, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon lauded the Biden Mandate pause as a win for rural Wyoming healthcare facilities as they continue to face issues related to staffing.


“This is welcome news for Wyoming’s rural healthcare facilities, which are already facing staffing challenges without additional unconstitutional burdens being placed on their employees by the federal government,” Gordon said in Monday’s press release from his office. “Healthcare employees should not be forced to choose between vaccination and termination.”

(John Roedel Cap City News)
Kristy Tyrney of Wyoming Health Freedom speaks to the crowd. (John Roedel, Cap City News)
(John Roedel, Cap City News)
(John Roedel, Cap City News)
(John Roedel, Cap City News)
(John Roedel, Cap City News)
John Roedel (Cap City News)
(John Roedel, Cap City News)

The Wyoming Department of Health provides COVID-19 case, variant, death, testing, hospital and vaccine data online. The department also shares information about how the data can be interpreted. COVID-19 safety recommendations are available from the CDC.