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Weekly arrest report (3/27/22–4/1/22)

CHEYENNE, Wyo — Here are the week’s compiled recent arrest logs for law enforcement agencies in Laramie County.

The logs represents law enforcement contact with suspects who were arrested and the recommended charges against them. 

All of those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges are subject to change following official filings from the Laramie County District Attorney’s Office. Information is provided by the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office.



  • Jacob Robert Bahner – Fleeing/Eluding
  • Maurice Allen Bell – Public Intoxication
  • Christopher Bennett – NCIC Hit Person (Felony)
  • Camaro Ciera Blain – Probation Violation
  • David Dean Bowman – Failure to Appear; Failure to Pay
  • Julius Donte Brown – Theft > $1000 (Felony); Forgery: Making (Felony)
  • Armondo David Butler – No Liability Insurance; Driving Under Canceled/Suspended/Revoked License, Open Container, Speed Limits: 18 mph Over, Giving False Identity, Interference w/ Peace Officer: No Injury, District Court Warrant: Probation Violation (Felony), Domestic Battery (Felony), Destruction of Property: < $1000, False Imprisonment, Joyriding: Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle
  • Sean Lee Carson – Court Order
  • Kassandra Goretti Catano – Assault: Simple
  • Devin Kelly Charles – Failure to Appear
  • Christopher David Coppinger – DWUI: 1st in 10 Years, Open Container, Safe Lane, Speed: 57/50
  • Jennifer Evelyn Davidson – Fleeing/Eluding, Theft: Use or Dispose > $1K or Firearm/Livestock (Felony), Reckless Endangering: Conduct; Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device, Failure to Maintain Lane, Interference w/ Peace Officer: No Injury, FTP: FTC
  • Dustin Lynn Gebhardt – Failure to Appear (three counts), Fleeing/Eluding, Speed Over Posted, Suspended Driver’s License, Red Light, Failure to Maintain Lane, Reckless Driving, Possession of Marijuana, Interference w/ Peace Officer: No Injury
  • Jose Luciano Abarca Granados – Failure to Appear
  • Aleisha Marie Jackson – City Court Order
  • Robert William Jahn – Violation of Protection Order, Domestic Violence w/ Protection Order
  • Charles Ross Jolley – Failure to Pay, Possession of Other Dangerous Drug
  • Chad Allen Kemper – U.S. Marshal Hold (Felony)
  • Taysia Shae Leyo – Failure to Appear
  • Curvonta Lee Moye – Failure to Appear, Failure to Pay
  • Hunter Gavin Munson – Unlawful Entry onto Property, Shoplifting: Under $100
  • Jessi Rae Olson – Probation Violation (Felony)
  • Frank Landis Roberts IV – Failure to Appear
  • James Allan Roesch – Incapable of Safely Operating a Motor Vehicle, Possession of a Controlled Substance: Plant: 3 oz. or Less, Open Container, Theft: Possession of Stolen Vehicle (Felony), Failure to Maintain Single Lane, Driving on Canceled License
  • Jayme Mae Russell – Taking a Controlled Substance/Liquor Into Jail (Felony), Possession of Other Dangerous Drug
  • Grayson Shem Tylor Schrock – Fighting, Riotous Conduct, Public Intoxication
  • Joshua Eugene Smith – Failure to Appear
  • Dennis Arthur Walker Jr. – Failure to Pay, Failure to Appear
  • Ezra Nmn Zabinski – Theft: Deprive < $1000
  • Dino Benjamin Ray Zumbo – Failure to Appear, Possession/Use of Drugs/Controlled Substance


  • Darrell Leonardo Alexander – Hold (Felony)
  • Calvin Stephen Boyer – Probation Violation
  • Brianna Lee Cruz – Failure to Pay
  • Larry Thomas Dickinson – Violation of a Protection Order
  • Heather Marie Drake – Domestic Battery; Aggravated Assault w/ Injury w/ Deadly Weapon
  • Bryan Edward Dunn – Failure to Pay; Probation Violation
  • Lance Michael Hart – DUI
  • Jessica Martin Hoover – District Court Warrant: Probation Violation (Felony); U.S. Marshal (Felony)
  • Jeremiah Matthias Milewski – Comm. Corrections Rejection (Felony)
  • Gregory George Snyder – Failure to Pay
  • Brittany Caroline Sullivan – Forgery: Making (five counts, Felony); District Court Warrant: Probation Violation (Felony)
  • James Ryan Wallace – Court Order (Felony)
  • Savannah Breanna Woolum – Failure to Appear; District Court Warrant: Probation Violation (Felony)
  • Josh M Yack – Failure to Appear


  • Lance Lee Gibson – Probation/ISP Violation and/or Sanction (Felony)
  • Nicholas Brandon Hamlin – DUI: Alcohol: Incapable of Safely Driving: 1st in 10 Years
  • James William Headstream Jr. – Failure to Appear
  • Jarvis Dewayne Jefferson – Failure to Pay, Possession: Schedule II
  • Susan Marie Kieffer – Failure to Appear
  • George Andrew Manzanares – Detainer Authorized by ATF/FBI/DEA (Felony)
  • Carley Elizabeth McMillan – Fraud: Checks
  • Lauren McKalyne Moser – Domestic Battery
  • Sarah Cathleen Nelter – Domestic Battery, Interference w/ Peace Officer: Injury (Felony)
  • Hailey Mae Priddy – District Court Warrant: FTA (two counts, Felony), Failure to Appear, Interference w/ Peace Officer: No Injury
  • Shawn Gene Rowland – Public Intoxication
  • Eric Sidwell – Driving on Right Side of Roadway, Fleeing or Attempting to Elude Police, Reckless Driving, Right of Way for Emergency Vehicle, Stop Sign
  • Tiana Zhane Stone – Failure to Appear
  • Sandra A Stubblefield – Wyoming Warrant
  • Brandon Tyrell Weaver – Public Intoxication, Fighting/Riotous Conduct; Take Carry Away: All Other, Violent: Tumultuous to Property, Unlawful Entry Into House
  • Jonathan Jared Wisdom – District Court Warrant: FTC (Felony), Failure to Appear
  • Richard Troy Weaver – DUI


  • Malaki Tiree Burney – Possession of Methamphetamine-type Drug, Possession of Marijuana (Felony)
  • Raymond Joseph Duncan Sr. – District Civil
  • Akida Latisha Edwards – Failure to Pay
  • Scott Kyle Jackson – Conspiracy (Felony), Failure to Pay
  • Jeremy Brian Potter – District Court Warrant: Civil Violation (Felony)
  • Karl Vongettrost Jr. – U.S. Marshal Hold, Interference w/ Peace Officer: Injury, Possession of Methamphetamine-type Drug (Felony), Sale/Delivery of a Counterfeit Substance (Felony), Possession of Cocaine/Heroin-Type (Felony)
  • Laci Dee Watters – District Court Warrant: FTC (Felony), NCIC Hit Person (Felony)


  • Armando NMN Alvarez – Sale/Delivery of Cocaine/Heroin/etc. (Felony), Possession: Schedule I and II Narcotics (Felony), Speed Highway 75
  • Elizabeth Anne Bautista – Failure to Appear (two counts)
  • Wayne Randall Clark – P/P Violator Arrest w/o Warrant (Felony)
  • Justin Michael Edgley – District Court Warrant: Probation Violation (Felony)
  • Christopher Scott Evans – U.S. Marshal Hold (Felony)
  • Sarah Kathryn Harris – NCIC Hit Person (Felony)
  • David Alan Schmidt – Failure to Pay
  • Michael Allen Weber III – Domestic Battery