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Cheyenne artist is honored to have painted the City’s newest boot

Cheyenne Regional Medical Center's boot (Eve Hamilton/Cap City News)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Cheyenne has welcomed a new installation at the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center to its collection of boots. 

The 8-foot-tall boots grace many parts of the city and are a way to celebrate the history of Cheyenne and the local artists. 

This boot was painted by Chad Blakely, a teacher at South High School, who is not new to the process of boot painting, as he previously painted the boot in front of South High. 

Blakely is part of a list of artists who have signed up to paint boots throughout the city, and he was pleased when the hospital chose him to do the project. 

This is also not Blakely’s first time working with the hospital.

“A few years ago, I did some work for the hospital. I did some paintings for their children’s infusion center. So there’s some things and superheroes I did for them,” Blakely said, “so they knew me so when they saw my name was on the list.” 

Regarding the artwork itself, the hospital had a vision for Blakely to bring to life.

“Cheyenne Regional Foundation had an idea of the one that represents all different facets of health care. And they have so many departments there with so many different colors and scrubs and stuff and so they wanted to be inclusive and make sure that everyone was represented on the boot,” he said.

Blakely also wanted to focus on the history of the hospital, so he added the different hospital buildings throughout history on the toe of the boot. 

The hospital also wanted the boot to represent health care itself.

“They wanted to also have something that represents like health care, the actual caregiving part of it, which is kind of an abstract thought,” Blakely said. “And I came up with this idea of having a doctor and then the little kid listen to her heartbeat through the stethoscope.”

The process of painting the boot begins with it getting to the artist, a multi-person job.

“They delivered it to my house — [on] a big flatbed trailer — and then they put it in my garage for me, picked it up, and it was all done. … It takes about four people to move it around without dropping it,” Blakely said.

Blakely said he was honored to have been chosen to paint the boot, adding, “if you go down by the cafeteria, there’s a painting someone did. I think back to the 60s, like the history of the hospital, and [the hospital has] been there for 50–60 years now. And then the idea that this boot we have, this new kind of longevity, is a pretty cool thing to be honored to do, you know, [to] have that kind of legacy artwork there.”