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Cheyenne parent takes action regarding potential school bus route cancellation


CHEYENNE, Wyo. — A concerned Meadowlark Elementary School parent has created a Facebook page to raise awareness of a policy that would leave several families without a bus to school. 

Jeremy Daniels began his Facebook page, Meadowlark from Anderson/Buffalo Ridge School Bus Cancelation, to alert other parents to a possible bus route cancellation for those who are within a one-mile radius of the school. 

“On the 17th of May, we were informed … that the transportation board ratified a recommendation to the school district to cancel the Anderson, Buffalo Ridge bus to Meadowlark,” Daniels said. “So I followed up with the transportation office, who referred me to Ruedel James, the transportation supervisor, who then explained to me that the school and the bus stop for Buffalo Ridge and Anderson are within a one-mile radius, and because it’s within one mile, the state will not reimburse them for that trip.” 

Wyoming Law Section 20-10(b) outlines the minimum walking distance for students, and for elementary students, that distance is one mile if calculating from the radius of the main school building and 1.2 miles if using a “fully functioning computer-based routing system.” The law states that “no transportation shall be provided to children within walking distance with the exception of Section 10(c).”


The exception is if there is a physical barrier that would prevent a student from walking to school, such as a river, interstate, railroad tracks or lack of adequate sidewalks, according to the law.

Daniels contests that several of the routes up for cancellation are greater than one mile. He also said there is a large hill that some students would have to climb to get to school if they were to walk.

“Blue bluff … is a 2% to 3% grade,” he said. “Then you start looking at all the snowfall. I’ve slipped through that intersection before on the ice.”

Daniels also argues the distances calculated by Google Maps, which often include travel time estimates, may not accurately reflect the speed at which children walk. He said it could possibly take longer for children to get to school.


Along the way, students would be faced with unguarded road crossings. The biggest road students would have to cross would be Storey Boulevard.

Laramie County School District 1 Transportation Department declined to comment, stating only that no decisions to cancel the routes have been made.