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Wyoming House, County Clerk candidates meet public at Politics in the Park

Gubernatorial candidates Rex Rammell and Brent Bien address the crowd gathered at the Republican Politics in the Park event at the Lion’s Park Amphitheater in Cheyenne on Wednesday. (Lisa Hushbeck/Cap City News)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Many candidates took the stage for the first of two July Politics in the Park events Wednesday night, July 13.

Candidates from House Districts 8, 44, and 12, as well as the County Clerk, came together to discuss their views on various issues affecting the Wyoming people.

The candidates from House District 8 began last night’s discussion. These candidates are Lily Sharpe, Brian Tyrrell and Steve Johnson.

When they were asked about what their goals would be if they were elected, Sharpe began the discussion.

“My first priority, if I am elected, is to find a solution for spiking property taxes,” she said. “All of Wyoming have to live with the core decisions that have been made by Biden and his administration that have resulted in unprecedented inflation in supply storage shortages and in spiking property taxes.”

Johnson followed up by saying that he was going to fight for “family values and life.” Tyrrell’s first goal was for Medicaid Expansion.

“Wyoming has left about 600 million on the table that’s hurting every Wyoming citizen,” he said. “Whether it’s from the budget being strained to higher health insurance that we all are paying.”

The second discussion was between the County Clerk candidates, Debra Lee and Andy McMahon.

Lee, who is the current County Clerk, stated that she was most fit for the job based on her experience.

“I have the knowledge, skills, and experience plus the passion and commitment to be your county clerk. And I’m asking for your support,” she said. “We have made so many positive changes and made records more accessible to the public. More transparent more accurate.”

McMahon followed up saying that if he were elected, he would strive to make the County Clerks’ office more mainstreamed, focusing on “shorter lines,” “happier employees,” and he wants “election integrity.”

John Ramero-Martinez and Tamara Trujillo are the candidates for House District 44, and both held strong views of what they wanted to achieve if elected.

Ramero-Martinez began with his goals, saying that he would “defend the preborn children, readdress healthcare, including looking at private options,” and fight for “education freedom.”

Trujillo has similar goals, with her three goals being to “preserve school choice of Second Amendment rights and voter integrity.”

Finally, House District 12 Candidates Clarence Styvar and Derek Goldfuss came forward to express their desires to be the representative of that district.

As the current incumbent, Stayar states that he wants to get the budget in order, particularly that he wants a cash-based budget.

Goldfuss stated that he wants to focus his efforts primarily on preserving second amendment rights and to help to improve education in the state.