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(PHOTOS) Six new statues unveiled for Cheyenne Capitol Avenue Bronze Project

"Mountain Love" (Eve Hamilton/Cap City News)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Donors gathered Thursday night, Aug. 5, to see the newest statues for the Cheyenne Capitol Avenue Bronze Project.

The statues are “Fawnd Memories,” “Chief Yellow Calf,” “John Colter,” “Grenville Dodge,” “Mountain Love,” and “My Little Deer.”

“My Little Deer” (Eve Hamilton/Cap City News)

“Fawnd Memories,” “Mountain Love,” and “My Little Deer” were created by Christine Knapp. “Grenville Dodge” was made by Guadalupe Barajas. “John Colter” and “Cheif Yellow Calf” were made by Tanner Loren.

Three of the statues — “Fawnd Memories,” “Mountain Love,” and “My Little Deer” — are part of the ever-growing collection of animal statues in the city. “Grenville Dodge,” “John Colter,” and “Chief Yellow Calf” will add to the list of historical figures in the city.

“Fawnd Memories” (Eve Hamilton/Cap City News)

Grenville Dodge was a civil engineer who is best known for his work in helping to build the Union Pacific Railroad in the west and southwest.

“Grenville Dodge” (Eve Hamilton/Cap City News)

John Colter was a mountain man who was part of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and was the best hunter and scout in the group. He was also the first man of European descent to have seen what is now Yellowstone National Park.

“John Colter” (Eve Hamilton/Cap City News)

Finally, Chief Yellow Calf was a chief of the Arapaho Tribe and is set to represent the many Indigenous tribes that make up the history and culture of Wyoming.

“Chief Yellow Calf” (Eve Hamilton/Cap City News)