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Cheyenne City Council to discuss emergency ordinance to amend code regarding enforcement of traffic laws

(John Roedel/Cap City News)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — An ordinance that would amend the city code provision governing the enforcement of the City of Cheyenne’s traffic laws is set to be considered tonight, Sept. 26, by the City Council.

This emergency ordinance would amend Section 10.08.010 of the city code, which, if approved, would adopt by reference and incorporate numerous state statutes under Title 31 of the Wyoming Statutes, which governs motor vehicles.

According to Wyoming Statute, any city or town that adopts a state statute by reference may only adopt the statute as it existed at the time of adoption. At this time, Section 10.08.010 does not reference a certain date or identify when the code provision was adopted. Therefore, the purpose of the proposed emergency ordinance would be to update the City of Cheyenne’s incorporation (by reference) of these statutory provisions.

The full document regarding this amendment can be found below.