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Laramie County releases final unofficial count of ballots


CHEYENNE, Wyo. — The Laramie County Election office reported the unofficial tally of Tuesday’s Midterm Election at 10:18 p.m.

These results are from the seven voting sites and all absentee ballots.

Below are the results from the Midterm Election races in Laramie County:

  • Senate District 5: Lynn Hutchings (R)
  • Senate District 7: Stephan Pappas (R)
  • Senate District 31: Evie Brennan (R)
  • House District 4: Jeremy Haroldson (R)
  • House District 7: Bob Nicholas (R)
  • House District 8: Dave Zwonitzer (R)
  • House District 9: Landon J. Brown (R)
  • House District 10: John Eklund (R)
  • House District 11: Jared Olsen (R)
  • House District 12: Clarence Styvar (R)
  • House District 41: Bill Henderson 
  • House District 42: Ben Hornok (R)
  • House District 43: Dan Zwonitzer (R)
  • House District 44: Tamara N. Trujillo (R)
  • House District 61: Daniel J. Singh (R)
  • Assessor: Kenneth Guille (R)
  • Clerk: Debra Lee (R)
  • Clerk of District Court: Diane Sanchez (R)
  • Coroner: Rebecca Reid (R)
  • District Attorney: Sylvia Miller Hackl (R)
  • Treasurer: Tammy Deisch (R
  • Laramie County Commissioner: 
    • Troy Thompson (R)
    • Gunner Malm (R)
    • Linda M Heath (R)
  • Laramie County Sheriff: Brian Kozak (R)
  • City Council (non-partisan):
    • Scott D. Roybal for Ward I
    • Mark D. Rinne for Ward II
    • Ken A. Esquibel for Ward III
  • Laramie County Community College Board:
    • Kathy Emmons
    • Janine Thompson
    • Joe Kelly
  • Laramie County School District 1 Board Area 1: Susan Edgerton
  • Laramie County School District 1 Board Area 2: Brooke Humphrey
  • Laramie County School District 1 Board Area 3: Christy Klaassen
  • Laramie County School District 1 Board At-Large: Rene R. Hinkle
  • Laramie County School District 2 Board At-Large:
    • Cody Nusbaum
    • Michael Lerwick
    • Kendra Roeder
  • Laramie County School District 2 Board Area D: Billie Wilson
  • Conservation District Supervisor:
    • Jay Berry
    • Ann Sanchez

Laramie County residents also voted on four state and county issues, with the results being as follows:

  • Proposed Constatutional Amendment A: For
  • Proposed Constatutional Amendment B: For
  • Laramie County 1% Sales and Use Tax: For
  • Laramie County Lodging Tax