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Newly elected, reelected Laramie County legislators take oaths as 67th Wyoming Legislature convenes

House and Senate representatives during their first day of the 2023 General Legislative Session. Dan Cepeda / Oil City News

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Laramie County’s newly elected Wyoming House and Senate lawmakers took their oaths of office as the 67th Wyoming Legislature convened today at the State Capitol.

The three new representatives are Rep. Daniel Singh for District 61, Rep. Tamara Trujillo for District 44 and Rep. Ben Hornok for District 42.

They join several legislators representing Laramie County in the state House, including Dan Zwonitzer for District 43, David Zwonitzer for District 8, Bob Nicholas for District 7, Clarence Styvar for District 12, Jared Olsen for District 11, Bill Henderson for District 41, Jeremey Haroldson for District 4, John Eklund for District 10 and Landon Brown for District 9.

In the Senate, newly elected Evie Brennan defeated Janet Marschner in the Republican primary for Wyoming State Senate District 31. She joins county senators Tara Nethercott in District 4, Lynn Hutchings in District 4, Affie Ellis in District 8, Anthony Bouchard in District 6 and reelected Stephan Pappas in District 7.

The Wyoming House Day 1 session is available to watch live here:

New House Representatives

Rep. Daniel Singh

Daniel Singh, candidate for House District 61, addresses the crowd during the Republican Politics in the Park event at the Lions Park Amphitheater in Cheyenne in 2022. (Lisa Hushbeck/Cap City News)

The 25-year old defeated newcomers Matthew Malcom and Don Odom in the Republican Primary race for District 61 with 46.5% of the vote. No Democratic Party candidates filed to run for the House District 61 seat.

Born and raised in La Grange, Singh and his family moved to Cheyenne in 2009. Singh graduated from Calvary Chapel Bible College in California in 2020, according to his campaign website.

Rep. Tamara Trujillo

(Photo from the Tamara Trujillo Campaign)

Trujillo defeated Democrat and former legislator Sara Burlingame for the District 44 seat in the General Elections with 59.9% of the vote to Burlingame’s 39.4%. She won the Republican Primary race against Michael Reyes and former legislator John Romero-Martinez with 41.4% of the vote.

Trujillo grew up in Wyoming and worked in the oil and gas industry for 15 years.

“I decided to run after observing how the government has a lot of waste in funding and then complains we don’t have money and after noticing how much the federal government tries to dictate what we should do if we choose to accept the money,” Trujillo said when asked why she decided to run for the House District 44 seat in her responses to a candidate questionnaire from Cap City News.

Rep. Ben Hornok

Courtesy of Ben Hornok Campaign

Hornok won the Republican Primary in the race for the District 42 seat with 54.4% of the vote ahead of Linnaea Sutphin, who garnered 45.61%. No Democratic Party candidates filed to run for the House District 42 seat.

Hornok worked in the state’s construction industry and the oil field and is currently building his own construction and consulting business, according to his campaign website.

He gained media attention last year for authoring a failed resolution to unseat Dani Olsen, chairwoman of the Laramie County GOP, after her local party was deprived of its voting power at the 2022 GOP convention.