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South High Boot honors the south triad in Laramie County School District

(Photo from Chad Blakely)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Another boot has been added to Cheyenne, this one being installed outside of South High School.

Purchased by the class of 2022, the South High Boot was painted by Chad Blakely, who is an art teacher at South High.

“They wanted the boots to represent not only South High School but also all the schools that feed into South from the South Triad,” Blakely said.

“I did some designs and I presented them to the senior leadership team that year,” Blakely added. “They gave me some feedback, and then once the boot was delivered to my garage, it took me about I think six weeks total to paint the whole boot.”

The boot was designed to represent all the schools in the South Triad and to show what a tight-knit community these schools create. The upper part of the boot has a bison running over a field, and then on the toe of the boot are all the elementary school logos surrounding the South High logo.

“A few kids got their senior pictures taken in front of the boot,” Blakely said. “It kind of was humbling and made me feel I feel like a part of the community even more. And long after I’m gone, that boot will still be here.”