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Laramie County Crime Clips (9/15/23–9/18/23)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Here is a brief summary of notable crimes in and around Cheyenne, obtained through law enforcement reports compiled by the Cheyenne Police Department and the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office.

DUI – Sunday, Sept. 17

A peace officer on patrol wrote that a vehicle passed by going over 92 mph in a 40 mph zone around 2 p.m. on Sunday. The suspect vehicle was also passing people in the turn lane and nearly caused several crashes, the report stated. The officer contacted the driver, a 29-year-old woman, after she parked. After field sobriety tests, she was arrested and charged with DUI and reckless driving.

Domestic Battery, Property Destruction – Sunday, Sept. 18

Cheyenne PD was called to a residence shortly after 7 a.m. to a report of physical altercation. The victim told police that she had allowed her intoxicated ex-girlfriend to sleep over for a few hours before driving home. When she woke her up to move her along, the woman said the ex-girlfriend grabbed her face and neck, leaving scratches. She said the woman also destroyed a toilet tank, ripped apart the blinds, tore up her son’s passport (thinking money had been stolen from her), and ripped out a screen door. The suspect was later located and arrested at Walgreens.

Aggravated Assault – Saturday, Sept. 17

An officer responded to call for a disturbance around 4:28 p.m. The investigators determined that a 46-year-old man had pulled out a can of bear spray and had threatened to spray an adult and children, according to the report.

DUI – Friday, Sept. 15

A Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper at the Loaf N’ Jug noticed a 72-year-old man buying cigarettes who smelled like alcohol, the report said. The troopers followed the man in his white van and pulled him over for a cracked windshield. A six-pack was observed in the vehicle. The man showed several signs of impairment when field sobriety tests were performed. The man blew a .128% BAC in the patrol vehicle, the report stated. He was arrested for DUI, interference and an insurance violation.

Domestic Battery – Friday, Sept. 15

Cheyenne police responded to a residential location after a 911 hangup, and the door was answered by a man with blood on his face and small cuts around his eye. He said that he and his girlfriend had been in a verbal argument at her home. He said the injury had occurred at work. The girlfriend also told officers the fight was only verbal, and both agreed to leave for the night. Police were back less than an hour later for another 911 hangup, and this time one of the man’s parents came and picked him up. The parent later told police the woman had hit their son in the head with a cellphone and dragged him by the hair in an apparent jealous rage. The woman was arrested for domestic battery.