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Yellowstone warns of aggressive elk as calving season begins

Newborn elk calf with its mother in Yellowstone National Park. (Shutterstock)

CASPER, Wyo. — Elk calving season is in full swing in Yellowstone National Park, and officials are warning visitors to be aware of their surroundings as elk become much more aggressive.

“Cow elk are much more aggressive towards people during the calving season and may run towards you or kick,” the park’s warning states.

“Stay alert. Look around corners before exiting buildings or walking around blind spots: cow elk may bed their calves near buildings and under cars.”

Visitors are advised to stay at least 25 yards, or about the length of two full-sized busses, away from elk.

Those who encounter elk are told to run away and find shelter in their vehicle or behind a tall, sturdy barrier as quickly as possible.

“Attacks can be unprovoked and unpredictable,” the park warned. “You are responsible for your own safety.”