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All About You: Teton Therapy spotlights patient Amy Simpson

Photo Credit: Amy Simpson

Often, suffering a stroke doesn’t leave you with a lot of choices. But for Teton Therapy patient Amy Simpson, being choosy was an essential part of her stroke recovery.

Two years ago, Amy experienced an ischemic stroke with a hemorrhagic conversion, which is defined as bleeding in the brain that occurs after a blocked artery to the brain has caused a stroke. The retired music teacher’s condition required back-to-back brain surgeries, which left her in a coma for five weeks and paralyzed on her left side.

After months of in-home therapy, Amy was released to do outpatient therapy. Despite the severity of her situation, Amy and her husband Milward visited every physical therapy facility in Cheyenne to see which would be the best fit. With careful consideration, they ultimately chose Teton Therapy.

“We actually went to every therapy center in Cheyenne,” Amy says. “We felt that Teton was the best fit for us after talking to Ben and the staff, and hearing what kind of a plan they would put in place. The professionalism, along with the great energy of the staff, helped us to decide this is where I wanted to be.”

Amy has accomplished major milestones in her physical and occupational therapy, and that’s allowed her to choose to travel on trips big and small, from touring Europe with friends and family to taking the curb-to-curb transit to go to Target independently. As Amy continues to progress, she is able to accomplish more and more tasks. 

According to Jacqui Vooge, OTR/L, CHT, Amy’s occupational therapist, “Amy has come a long way with her treatment and has learned how to implement the use of assistive technology and adaptive equipment to increase her functional independence and reduce caregiver burden.”

Adds Teton Therapy Physical Therapist Assistant Austin Johnson, PTA, “Amy is very determined and always wants to push herself to be better. Amy’s balance and mobility are always improving.”

Teton Therapy was Amy’s choice for rehabilitation. Make it yours. Start with a free consultation by calling 307-514-9999, or find us on the web at TetonTherapypc.com.

Throughout the month of June, Teton Therapy is celebrating the amazing, inspiring, fun and funny patients who make our clinics the incredible places they are. If you’d like to be one of these stories, schedule your free consultation today!

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