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Gov. Gordon signs 31 bills into law on Monday, Tuesday

Gov. Mark Gordon signs a bill into Wyoming State law on Wednesday, March 6 in the Governor's Ceremonial Conference Room at the Wyoming Capitol Building. (Jared Gendron/Cap City News)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Gov. Mark Gordon took action on 18 bills on Monday and 13 on Tuesday inside the Governor’s Ceremonial Conference Room at the Wyoming State Capitol Building, according to a news release from the Governor’s Office.

Gordon officially enshrined the following pieces of legislation into Wyoming State law:

  • HB0081 Public officer training-amendments.
  • HB0074 Public health nursing-budget requests.
  • HB0073 Abandoned mine reclamation accounts.
  • HB0072 Worker’s compensation-provision for adverse deviation.
  • HB0071 Broadband development subaccount-amendments.
  • HB0066 Firefighter-cancer screening benefits.
  • HB0054 Wyoming Reads Day.
  • HB0046 Chancery court-timeline for resolution of disputes.
  • HB0040 School district trustee oath of office.
  • HB0035 Limitation on environmental rulemaking.
  • HB0034 Solid waste municipal cease and transfer funding.
  • HB0033 Mining operations-blasting requirements.
  • HB0032 Geologic sequestration-unitization amendments.
  • HB0027 DFS and law enforcement-cross reporting.
  • HB0026 Emergency protective services-effective period.
  • HB0025 Medicaid-third party payor conditions.
  • HB0023 Vehicle registration e-certificate and grace period.
  • HB0021 Charter school leasing.
  • HB0016 Sutton state archaeological site-legal description.
  • HB0015 Health insurance-reimbursement of overpayments.
  • HB0014 Prior authorization regulations.
  • HB0013 Flow-through pools-exemption.
  • HB0012 Wyoming dairy marketing act-repeal.
  • HB0011 State land lease amendments.
  • HB0010 Grace period-state land lease renewals.
  • HB0008 Commercial driver license-hazardous materials endorsement.
  • SF0030 Influencing jurors and witnesses-judges amendment.
  • SF0021 Public utilities-net power cost sharing ratio.
  • SF0005 Organ transplant recipient protection.
  • SF0003 State employee leave for volunteer emergency services.

To access the full list of documents filed to the Wyoming Legislature’s 2024 budget session, click here.