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Obituaries: Counts; Counts

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Kristofer and Max Counts

Kristofer Counts: 1989 – 2023

Father – Son – Brother – Grandson – Uncle – Friend

“No matter where life takes me, find me with a smile!” -Mac Miller

Kristofer and his sidekick, Max Kade Counts, unexpectedly passed on the morning of May 1st,

Kris was born on April 30, 1989 in Casper, Wyoming to Michelle Counts-Gaines and Marc

Kris’ first role was being a son and early on it was Kris and Michelle against the world. Along with his mother, his grandmother, Sylvia, helped him gain strength and structure. Kris also found comfort in being around his dad Marc, as he knew he always had a safe haven there. Soon Kris took on the responsibility of being the big brother to his many siblings who he took pride in protecting and mentoring.

In his young adulthood, Kris met Charlotte Sternberg who gave birth to their baby boy, Max. He went on to work at Industrial Lining Systems for over a decade. The owners and his coworkers took excellent care of Kris. They were like a second family to him.

When Kris wasn’t working he loved golfing, skateboarding, drawing, music, and above all else,
spending time with his best friend and son, Max. Together they enjoyed building legos, playing
video games, and watching Ninja Turtle and Batman movies. Although he loved anything Batman, Kris could and would argue that Micheal Keaton was the best one so far! Kris also looked forward to taking dance lessons and pursuing a new found passion for tattooing.

Kris had the ability to use his unforgettable smile, laugh, and personality to bring joy to others.

He will never be forgotten.

Kris is survived by his parents, Michelle Gaines and Marc Alden; step father, Albert Gaines; his
grandmother, Sylvia Counts; siblings, April Brock, Albert Jr. Gaines, Nicole Cunningham, Steven
Gettings and Brooklynn Counts; his niece, Myia; and his grandmother, Sylvia Counts.

A private service will be held, by invitation only.

A celebration of life for both Kristofer and Max Counts will be open to the public on May, 13, 2023 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at North Casper Sports Complex, Casper, Wyoming.

There will be a balloon release and slide show. We would like to have everyone bring a rock to share a memory to add to the family’s rock garden.

“When you are happy, remember that this joy is not eternal. When you suffer, remember this
pain does not last.” -Buddah

Kristofer and Max Counts

Max Counts: 2009 – 2023

Son – Brother – Grandson – Nephew – Cousin – Friend

“And if you could be my open skies… Then I could be your wildflower…And underneath the sea of stars I bloom to make it through” – Open Skies (Wildflower) by The National Parks

Max Kade Counts unexpectedly passed on May 1st, 2023, alongside his father that he loved spending time with, more than anybody else.

Max was born on December 11, 2009 in Casper, Wyoming to Kristofer Counts and Charlotte Sternberg- Mitchell.

Max was a kind-hearted and gentle soul that had so much to give to everyone around him. One of his greatest virtues was only being able to see the good in the world. Max was the first born of 3 boys. His brothers looked at him like he was a real life superhero.  He always gave them comfort, love, adventure, guidance, affection, and friendship.

Max’s family started out small with 2 brothers but grew into a larger family that gave him 5 more brothers and sisters. With the growth of his family, his love and happiness grew and was heavily reciprocated. Max loved his mom so fearlessly and took great pride in being her right hand man in all of their adventures. He loved snuggling in fuzzy blankets and watching Scooby Doo with his mom. He was always standing up for kids that were bullied and was a great friend to those who knew him. Max had such a large heart and soft spot not only for humankind but for animals as well. Along with all of his favorite humans, he was very fond of dogs. The dogs he loved might strike fear in the biggest dog lovers, but oh no, not Max! He would look a pitbull right in the eyes just to let it lick his beautiful face.

He loved spending time with his family, whether it was playing with legos or fishing off the boat at Alcova. He loved collecting rocks and chances are, if he was outside, he was constantly on the lookout for the most beautiful and unique ones to add to his extensive collection.

He started out fairly shy to the forces of the world, but he had made much progress in feeling comfortable exploring the unknown. Although he might have been terrified to touch his first fish, he eventually learned to reel them in and gut them all by himself. It might have taken hours to build up the courage to jump off the shortest ledge on the cove years ago, but last summer he could be seen jumping off the tallest cliffs of the lake, or kayaking from Cottonwood to the Marina in one attempt.

Max loved trying his hand at any sport.  He always looked forward to track day.  He loved playing basketball, soccer, and swimming.  He was really interested in drawing, which he took after from his dad. Whether playing in the bushes to playing zombies, he was always using his imagination. Of course, his greatest passion was video games and he was always eager to share with you his latest victory.

Max was an uplifting soul who touched the lives of everyone he met.  He made all of his friends and family feel so loved and important. He volunteered by spending his time with participants of I-Reach and other organizations within the community. Max always made sure every person was included, no matter the activity. His kind and selfless heart had a way of bringing people together, especially families.

Max grew up loving everything about Batman and wholeheartedly embodied this statement from Lego Batman: “You can’t be a hero if you only care about yourself.”

He truly was the best baby boy his family could ask for and he is greatly missed. He was loved by many including his mother, father, brothers, sisters, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, and others.

Celebration of Life for Max and Kristofer Counts will be held May 13, 2023 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the North Casper Sports Complex, in Casper Wyoming.

To order flowers, please visit www.theprairierose.net.