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WBI Psychiatrist Publishes Book on Women and Anxiety

Wyoming Behavioral Institute attending psychiatrist Lida Prypchan has published her first book, “Modern Anxiety, Modern Woman"


Wyoming Behavioral Institute attending psychiatrist Lida Prypchan has published her first book, “Modern Anxiety, Modern Woman,” a collection of essays addressing the prevalence of anxiety in women in a frenetic, technology-based culture. Dr. Prypchan is a researcher and writer focused on the human experience, looking backward to help understand the present.

Dr. Prypchan says “Modern Anxiety, Modern Woman” is applicable to all women. “Casper is a unique community but it’s also subject to the same pressures and tensions that beset people everywhere,” she says. “Women in Casper and similar cities may have anxieties pertaining to opportunity, finances and family – sometimes compounded by substance abuse in their lives or in the wider community – which make daily life difficult. Our lives are further complicated by the incursion of the media, social and otherwise, that increasingly blurs our understanding of community and of ourselves.”

The aim of the book is to acknowledge that all women have anxiety, regardless of age and whether they are in rural or urban communities or are economically stable or struggling. Dr. Prypchan says she wrote most of the book before she moved to Casper more than a decade ago, but her opinion hasn’t changed. “Spending these past years in a small western city, with its particular social problems and its particular beauty has reasserted a universal truth that we are all basically the same,” she says.

Dr. Prypchan has been working in the field of psychiatry for more than 30 years. She began her training while assisting her father in his psychiatric practice in Venezuela. After completing medical school, Dr. Prypchan worked as a research associate with Matcheri Keshavan, MD, studying schizophrenia, and with Duncan Clark, MD, studying anxiety disorders in children and adolescents with substance abuse. She later worked with Juan Mezzich, MD, on several World Psychiatric Association projects on Diagnostic Classification Systems in Psychiatry. Dr. Prypchan has written 150 published articles and is a three-time recipient of the National Award of Scientific Journalism in Venezuela. Her book is available at Amazon.com.

“When I began my Buddhist practice in 1988, I felt as though I was a leaf spun around by the wind, but 20 years later, I feel more like a tree, robust and rooted in the ground of reality,” she says. “Life is a search, seeking spirit, seeking conclusion. What we want is to find freedom and peace and to manifest our potential. How can this be accomplished? Through unification, not compartmentalization.”

Wyoming Behavioral Institute is an 85-bed acute care psychiatric hospital in Casper, Wyoming, treating children, adolescents and adults and offering free level of care assessments 24/7. Residential treatment is also available for adolescents. More information can be found at wbihelp.com or by calling 800-457-9312.

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