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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month: Growing a Better Tomorrow for All Children, Together

A family cooks dinner together


The Child Abuse Prevention Month campaign symbol, a blue and silver pinwheel, is a reminder of the happy childhoods and bright futures that all children deserve, as well as the important role we each play in ensuring every child has an equal opportunity for healthy growth and development.

Campaign supporters across the nation are encouraged to wear blue April 1, and in Wyoming every Thursday in April, as a show of commitment for preventing child abuse.

Prevent Child Abuse Wyoming and its affiliates and stakeholders are using a community garden metaphor to reinforce the message that every day, we help positive childhood experiences take root. Children are locally grown. We work together to cultivate relationships, connections, and environments that help every Wyoming child thrive. We harvest what we sow. We plant seeds of support for all Wyoming children to yield healthier adults with abundant futures.


We hope you will join us throughout the month of April to spread awareness of the importance of child abuse prevention in Wyoming. Activities you can participate in to promote family health include:

  • Family game night! Spending quality time together is important for all families and teaches children important skills while having fun.
  • Paint your own prevention pinwheel. Visit https://preventchildabuse.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/PinwheelColoringSheet_National.pdf to download a pinwheel picture to paint or color.
  • Build a pinwheel. Find materials around the house to create a pinwheel. If it is sturdy, “plant” your pinwheel outside, or put it in a window. Send a photo to Prevent Child Abuse at Wyoming,pcawyoming@preventchildabuse.org.
  • Make music! Sing, dance and have fun! Music and movement are an important combination for children of all ages.
  • Make dinner! Cook, bake and pick out a family favorite meal and give everyone a way to help out.
  • Work together! Working together to complete tasks, like building something out of blocks, putting together puzzles, or making crafts from items inside or outside help children develop important math and science skills.
  • Hunt for earthworms! April showers bring May flowers, and worms. Get in the dirt and have fun!
  • Go for a bike ride! If you don’t have bikes, skip!
  • Nature photoshoot! Go outside and take photos of trees, leaves, ducks, grass, flowers. You can play a game: every 20 steps take a photo of something in nature. Or, bring paper and list all the things you saw and then draw pictures of them.
  • Family nature hike! Check out all the places in Wyoming to explore at https://travelwyoming.com/wy-responsibly/
  • Clean up outside! Wyoming is beautiful – let’s keep it that way. Spend some time picking up trash at a community park. Encourage others to help and make it a fun outside activity.
  • Build a birdhouse or birdfeeder out of materials you have around the house.
  • Plan a picnic! Pack your lunch and take it outside to eat. You don’t have to go far. The picnic can be at home, outside.
  • Make chalk art! Pinwheels for prevention can be in all forms, including chalk. Use chalk to draw positive messages about happy childhoods with pinwheels.

Whether you participate a few times or just once, we are glad you joined us on this journey. If you would like to be more involved in child abuse prevention efforts in Wyoming, email pcawyoming@preventchildabuse.org.

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