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WPDN Partners with Cheyenne-based firm McKellar, Tiedeken & Scoggin

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Williams, Porter, Day, and Neville is proud to announce its partnership with Cheyenne-based firm McKellar, Tiedeken & Scoggin, led by attorney Sean Scoggin, as well as associate attorney Hannah West. Both Scoggins and West have a wealth of experience and they are eager to lend their expertise to the offices of WPDN. 

Scoggin has been a practicing attorney since 1998. With an emphasis on trial practice, he has been involved in more than 35 jury trials in Wyoming, and more than 100 bench trials. Scoggin has defended a wide variety of lawsuits, including personal injury and wrongful death claims, arising from motor vehicle accidents, on the job accidents, and slips & falls. His experience as an attorney, as well as the quality of his character, make him a perfect fit for Williams, Porter, Day, and Neville.

“We’ve worked with Sean a lot of various capacities over the years,” WPDN attorney Ryan Ford stated. “We’ve represented clients side-by-side with each other for a long time, and Sean was always recognized as a very stand up individual. He’s a very trustworthy, very honorable attorney and we like to pair with people like that.” 

Scoggin and West will both stay in Cheyenne, continuing to serve their existing client base, while taking on additional clients under the WPDN banner. 

“A big benefit to me joining Williams, Porter, Day, and Neville is my connection to Cheyenne,” Scoggin said. “It’s a good thing from the firm’s standpoint because, as I’ve seen the practice of law change a little bit over the last 23 years, I’ve noticed that you’re seeing a lot of bigger firms spread across multiple states. I think having the Cheyenne office and having the professional connections that I have in Cheyenne is a big positive for WPDN.” 

Ford agreed, saying that being able to serve clients in two different geographic locations benefits WPDN and Scoggin but, even more importantly, it benefits clients. 

“There are a lot of times that we had to travel to Cheyenne to get work done, meaning that we had to charge our clients for travel time and other things like that, but since we have a presence there now, we’re able to offer a greater spectrum of services and we can offer those services to our clients at a more affordable price.” 

And that has, and always will be, WPDN’s biggest mission – to provide good service for a fair price to clients. 

That is the reputation WPDN has built, and its one that Scoggin has taken note of. 

“The biggest thing that attracted me to WPDN is the quality of attorneys,” he said. “And I don’t just mean attorneys as far as professionally practicing, but also the quality of attorneys personally, as well. The people there are really good, really professional people, but they’re also people I like. And they have a great reputation and a good clientele that I think meshes well with the clients and connections that I have.” 

Scoggin and West have already began working with WPDN and both are eager to lend their skills, knowledge, experience and, most importantly, their hearts to the team at Williams, Porter, Day and Neville. 

Learn more about Williams, Porter, Day, and Neville, visit WPDN.net.

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