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Public Health Funding Opportunity

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Public Health AmeriCorps ServeWyoming Requirements Overview

ServeWyoming provides Wyoming communities with a statewide entity to focus service and volunteer efforts, enhance the ethics of service and volunteerism in the state, and provide funds for state-based AmeriCorps programs. In addition to their grant making responsibilities, state commissions operate according to a unified plan for service in the state, including events, opportunities for training and technical assistance, and networking between service programs. All programs with AmeriCorps members in a state are considered part of the AmeriCorps network in that state and are expected to have an active and positive relationship with their state commission.

In your Public Health AmeriCorps application, if you propose placing members solely in Wyoming, you will be considered an AmeriCorps State program. Applicants that are selected for Public Health AmeriCorps funding by AmeriCorps, the agency, must be approved by the ServeWyoming Commission to operate a Wyoming AmeriCorps program.


This document outlines the application requirements for Wyoming AmeriCorps programs. We are excited for the opportunity to expand essential programming in Wyoming through Public Health AmeriCorps. We hope this information helps prepare you for launching an AmeriCorps program in the portfolio.

Please contact Shelly McAlpin, ServeWyoming Executive Director at 307-234-3428 or email acprogram@servewyoming.org with questions.

Program Start & End Date


As you develop the budget for your Public Health AmeriCorps application, please be aware of the following ServeWyoming/Wyoming specific requirements:

• Wyoming AmeriCorps programs must request at least 5 Member Service Years (MSY). Refer to Notice of Funding Opportunity for MSY definition.

• Staff Travel: You must include at least $2,000 in this line item for staff to travel to attend an AmeriCorps program/staff development training approved by ServeWyoming.


• Administration Fee: ServeWyoming retains a portion of the AmeriCorps share of administrative costs for use in administering its subgrantees. This amount must not exceed a two-fifths share of the maximum 5% AmeriCorps share (i.e., allocating 2% as set aside for administering subgrants and the remaining 3% for other administrative costs of the subgrantee). Both the commission/ServeWyoming and subgrantee/your portions of the AmeriCorps share of administrative costs should be requested in the applicant’s budget.

• National Service Criminal History Checks: ServeWyoming requires the use of AmeriCorps recommended vendors, Truescreen and Fieldprint, to conduct the required components of a National Service Criminal History Check (NSCHC). All AmeriCorps members, and staff listed on the budget, are required to have a National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW) check, a State of Service (Wyoming) check, a State of Residence check (for members who are currently residents of states other than Wyoming), and an FBI Fingerprinting background check. These checks are done via Truescreen and Fieldprint. Please budget $70 per member and grant-funded staff (staff whose salary in full or in part will be paid using these grant funds) for the cost of the Truescreen NSOPW, state check(s), and Fieldprint FBI check for criminal history checks. If funds are not budgeted, an explanation for how the costs will be covered must be noted in the budget. NSCHC resources can be found here: AmeriCorps NSCHC Resources.

Application Consultation



• Complete consultation form here. As part of the FY22 Public Health AmeriCorps Notice of Funding Opportunity, applicants are required to consult with state commissions where members will be placed. ServeWyoming partners with America’s Service Commissions on their single consultation form.

• Provide a PDF of the submitted application that must include narrative and budget narrative, along with any additional documents submitted to acprogram@servewyoming.org by November 8, 2021.



• Reach out to ServeWyoming at acprogram@servewyoming.org to consult on program design plans.

This article does not include ServeWyoming training and reporting requirements. These requirements will be communicated once funding is awarded to selected agencies.


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