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Untrapped Tuesdays Presents: Eco-hero #2, the American Marten

Courtesy Wyoming Untrapped (photographer Savannah Rose Burgess)

Click here to view the second video in our Engagement Through Film Series, “American Marten: Apex Predator of the Forest Canopy,” a film that will showcase the grace and resilience of this snow-loving mountain mammal. La Marta Americana (Versión en Español).

Have you ever seen an American marten? The American marten, sometimes referred to as American pine marten, is a member of the weasel family. They are uniquely adapted for their omnivorous life in the alpine and boreal forests of North America.

Martens thrive as predators in mature expansive forests. They are incredible climbers, equally as agile in trees as on the ground. Martens regulate small mammal populations and are essential dispersers of forest seeds, like berries. Martens can survive in some of the harshest winter conditions by hunting under the snow. The arduous environment requires martens to occupy large territories.

Trapping a single marten can have devastating effects on the entire forest ecosystem. Unfortunately, American martens are trapped without limit in Wyoming. Help us educate our community on the importance of this unique species. Reach out if you would like to learn more about American martens and how we can work together to ensure their healthy populations on our Wyoming landscapes.

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