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Powering Up Wyoming shares the importance of an all-of-the-above energy approach

Local governments across Wyoming are tasked with providing services, maintaining infrastructure, and preserving our western heritage — all of which ensure our quality of life. 

However, significant funding is required to support a community’s essential services and infrastructure. As revenues are stretched thinner, continuing to provide the same level of services that we rely on has proved a challenge for many municipalities in Wyoming. 

Revenues from renewables have strengthened our local governments’ budgets and provided much-needed financial relief and security.

For example, local leaders across Wyoming worried about the sharp drop in sales tax revenue when businesses were closed during the pandemic. The City of Cheyenne, however, received a check for 1.3 million dollars from renewable energy taxes generated there. These funds went a long way towards making ends meet. 

Citizens and visitors throughout Wyoming rely on local governments to provide the same high-quality services in their communities. Renewables are a vital part of the strategy to ensure that cities and towns have the tools and resources needed to maintain our Wyoming way of life. In addition, diversifying our economy and its revenues will help safeguard our tax bases and strengthen our cities and towns for the future.

There is almost limitless potential for energy resources here in the Equality State. Wind, solar, hydrogen, oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear all deserve a place at the table. An all-of-the-above energy strategy means diversifying revenues to our communities and listening to what consumers and businesses in varying markets require for their energy needs. 

It also means supporting our legacy businesses and industries while attracting new ones to Wyoming. We must have the types of industries that will keep our kids here. Technology sectors, renewable energies, and expanding technology on our legacy energies such as Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage provide exciting options for careers in our state. 

Renewable energies, their technologies and their revenues play a critical role in ensuring Wyoming’s future for the communities that we live in and for future generations. 

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