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Wind Energy Supports Wyoming’s Ranching and Agricultural Communities

Wyoming knows how to keep the lights on and provide nourishing food for the table. Our history is open lands filled with grazing livestock and ranchers working hard to provide for Wyoming and their families. However, as any rancher or farmer knows, the rising costs of materials and the industry’s ups and downs offer uncertain years and incomes.

Ranchers have a passion for raising cattle and generating food for America. Allowing for multi-use development of their property has come with benefits for us and Wyoming’s wildlife. Wind turbines on their ranches maintain Wyoming’s open spaces, avoiding the creation of dense subdivisions. As a result, cattle and wildlife can graze among the installations. In addition, wind turbines don’t use natural resources to run, maintaining water resources for ranching and farming operations.

Lease payments and additional revenue from wind have provided multi-generational ranchers the opportunity to bring back adult children to be the next generation of Wyoming ranchers, ensuring our traditions and legacy industries will continue. 

Additional revenue allows ranchers and farmers to update machinery and implement modernization and efficiency upgrades to their operations. Modernizing processes is essential to making ranching and farming pencil. In a time where costs continue to rise, these investments are critical to the stability and future of our Wyoming industries.

Without wind production, some ranchers and farmers across the state would have to consider how many cattle they can afford to run or debate the future of their ranch. Instead, the revenue has allowed more options to diversify their overall ranching income and see operations and families thrive.

Keeping Wyoming open for business is vital to the future of our state. Embracing all energy resources while protecting our legacy agricultural industries ensures a bright future ahead. 

Let’s use all of Wyoming’s resources to benefit Wyoming citizens and provide revenue to keep Wyoming’s ranches and farms thriving for generations.

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