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Troubling statistics: The Mental Health of Teen Girls is Declining


Study shows disturbing trends in the mental health of high school girls.

A new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that the mental health of a significant proportion of high school girls is in jeopardy.

Levels of substance use (including alcohol) and suicidal thoughts and behaviors have all risen to higher levels as compared to their male peers. “These differences, and the rates at which female students are reporting such negative experiences, are stark,” the report says.

Across the board, girls have been struggling more with their mental health. For example, in 2021, almost 60% of female students reported they experienced persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness during the past year and nearly 25% made a suicide plan.

  • Female students were more likely than male students to drink alcohol (27% as compared to 19%).
  • Female students were more likely than male students to currently use electronic vapor products (21% to 15%).
  • Female students were more likely to have misused prescription opioids than male students (15% to 10%).
  • Female students were more likely than male students to seriously consider attempting suicide (30% to 14%).
  • Female students were more likely than male students to make a suicide plan (24% to 12%).

These alarming statistics show that the teen years can be difficult for almost everyone. If you know a teen who is struggling and may need mental health treatment, do not wait. We offer specialized programs that can help get them back on track with their lives. Call us today for a no-cost assessment at 800-457-9312 or learn more at wbihelp.com.

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