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Mountain West Technologies completes fiber interconnect project in City of Mills


Mountain West Technologies, a Wyoming-owned and -operated telecommunications company, recently completed a fiber interconnect project in the City of Mills. This project was designed to provide high-speed internet connectivity to municipal facilities in Mills that were previously limited to slower and less reliable internet options.

The project began with the installation of fiber-optic cables, which were laid underground throughout the city. These cables, which are made of tiny strands of glass, are able to transmit data over long distances at high speeds. Once the cables were in place, Mountain West Technologies connected them to a network of secure data centers to create a fast and reliable backbone for the City of Mills.

Matt Kadlick, Director of Sales and Marketing, said, “This allows their facilities to talk back and forth to each other at lightning speed through a secure interconnect network. Now, they don’t even need to go through radio links to talk from building to building because they actually have a physical fiber cable running between all the buildings.”

One of the primary benefits of this project is that it provides city-owned facilities in Mills with access to the fastest internet system available. This means that buildings such as the fire department, water department, city hall, police station and more can now upload and download data much more quickly and use cloud-based services without experiencing delays or interruptions. This also means they can have better communication between buildings and run operations much more smoothly.

“Mills was kind of isolated from critical communication infrastructure,” CEO Kyle Ridgeway started. “Fiber makes a huge difference for public safety, access to the most modern technology, and for efficiencies in operation for the municipalities there.”


In addition to improving internet speeds, the fiber interconnect project has also increased the reliability of internet service in Mills. With fiber-optic cables, there is much less chance of service disruptions due to weather, such as Wyoming’s gusty winds.

Sabrina Kemper, the Community Development Director of the City of Mills, shared that “A storm would come through and it would knock the Wi-Fi out. Or sometimes there’d be too much snow on it and it’d go out because it’s Wi-Fi. That’s kind of the nature of it. Now being connected to fiber, those things aren’t affected anymore.”

Mountain West Technologies has been working on similar fiber interconnect projects throughout the state of Wyoming. The company believes that it’s important to invest heavily in underserved areas of the Cowboy State.

Ridgeway said, “We know that there are a lot of people that live in communities like Mills … places where the bigger companies don’t want to make the investment. Because there are a lot of people in Wyoming living in communities like that, that’s been what our focus is. They’re not last on our priority list, they’re first.”

Mountain West Technologies partners with towns and local governments on these fiber projects, making it a win–win for both parties.

The City of Mills is just the latest example of how these investments are paying off. By providing municipalities with access to fast and reliable internet, Mountain West Technologies is helping create a more connected community in Mills.

“It’s one of those things you don’t necessarily worry about anymore,” Kemper mentioned. “When it’s not a problem, then you don’t pay any attention to it.”

Looking towards the future, the telecommunications company plans to pivot and start offering fiber to homes and businesses in a decent portion of the city.

If you’re interested in getting connected to fiber or learning more about availability in your area, visit Mountain West Technologies’ website and submit a service request form.

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