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Usher in autumn with the Tankhouse Nursery Fall Festival


You can feel it in the air. Autumn is almost upon us and, with that, comes an assortment of everything that makes this season special.

The leaves are changing. They’re falling. The air is crisp. The days are getting shorter. The pumpkins are out. The colors are bright.

Fall is here.

For the owners of Tankhouse Nursery, the season brings with it an opportunity to showcase everything that is good, everything that is fun, everything that is beautiful about Cheyenne’s newest nursery.

That’s exactly what they’ll be doing as Tankhouse Nursery presents its first-ever, month-long Fall Festival.

Beginning on Saturday, Oct. 7 and lasting throughout every weekend in October, this unique fall festival will feature an absolute assortment of autumnal activities, such as hayrack rides, a straw bale maze, a corn pit, potato launchers, pumpkins of all kinds and so much more. The event will also feature various food trucks, multiple games for kids, face painting and even a pie eating contest! There will be live music and music by DJ Romack Ind. as well — all in an effort to provide Cheyenne with the ultimate community event.

It’s the perfect celebration of a Wyoming autumn, and it’s a dream come true for the owners of Tankhouse Nursery.

“There’s a lot of history to this place,” the owners shared. “It used to be a dairy farm on the land, called Stansbury Farm. The right name took a while but one day while perched on the hill, the structure popped, but what was it?”

After some research, they discovered that the “Tankhouse” used to be the source from which the surrounding homes would get their water.

Initially, Tankhouse Nursery served as a wholesale location for clients to purchase trees, shrubs, plants, flowers and more. The owners of Tankhouse are extremely picky when it comes to what they sell and what they buy.

“That’s where Arbor Valley comes in,” the owners said. “Tankhouse buys all of their plants, trees, shrubs and flowers from them and we really do our due diligence in finding the right things for the zone here, because it gets so cold and so windy here, so we try to find things that can actually withstand the elements.”

Tankhouse Nursery held a soft opening on Mother’s Day, where they launched the retail side of things. Despite the soggy day, the turnout was exceptional; so much so that soon, the owners began thinking of other ways they could serve the community.

“Ultimately, we want this place to be a destination,” they said. “We want to grow it into something pretty profound for people to come to. We want to offer something with a down-home feel; something that everybody can enjoy. We just want to share what we were fortunate to grow up with and while doing so, provide a sense of community for our neighbors.”

That is the purpose of the Fall Festival — to offer the residents of Cheyenne something that brings them closer together, something that makes them happy.

“We want to offer something to all ages, that gets everyone out and about and talking to one another, especially before our Cheyenne winters set in!” they said.

“Our families used to host mini fall festivals at our homes where we invited our friends and family members. The kids would be so excited to get dressed up in their costumes! We would have a big potluck in our garage, and it was our own little fall festival. We would have a hayrack ride through the cornfield and the adults would be dressed up and they’d jump out and scare the kids on the hayrack. It’s always just been a dream of ours to share this with others; hence, the fall festival that we’re putting on in October. We are building it off of many of our family experiences. We want to kick it off right with our first one, but we definitely want it to grow every year.”

More than likely, it will. Cheyenne has played host to a variety of community events and activities through the years. The residents of Wyoming’s capital enjoy spending time with their neighbors, with each other. This month-long fall festival gives them the opportunity to do just that while ushering in the best season of them all.

It really is a dream come true for the owners of Tankhouse Nursery. It’s a chance for them to relive old memories and it’s a chance for the community to make new ones. It’s an opportunity for neighbors to come together and celebrate the leaves falling, the sun setting and the air getting cooler. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity for the community to celebrate each other — to spend time with family, to make new friends and to create an autumn-themed weekend (or weekends!) that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

To learn more about the Fall Festival, or about Tankhouse Nursery in general, visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

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