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All About You: Teton Therapy Spotlights Patient Carlos Bersabe

Photo Credit: Amy Hebert

Carlos Bersabe loves rucking, but there’s no room in his pack for chronic pain.

Rucking, a sport that involves extended hikes on foot while carrying heavy weight in a rucksack, is not for the faint of heart: A typical sack can weigh 10–25% of a hiker’s body weight, and rucking marches can last 18 miles — or more!

Enter Carlos, an active-duty Air Force member who had been struggling with chronic pain in his hands and forearms. During summer 2023, Carlos sought help for his pain and began receiving occupational therapy services at Teton Therapy.

“Every single person at Teton Therapy treats me like I’m the most important person in front of them. They don’t treat me like I’m just a number, and they’re genuinely interested in my continued recovery,” Carlos said.

Since therapy, Carlos has been able to accomplish so much.

“I was able to do a 26.2-mile ruck march and [get into] archery again, which are two of my chief ways of exercising. I’ve also been able to get back into woodworking to the point where I’m [starting] work on my longbow.” 

According to Occupational Therapist Jacqui Vooge OTR/L, CHT — Carlos’s therapist at Teton Therapy’s Cheyenne clinic — “Carlos is very dedicated to his treatment and maintaining his progress by being compliant with his home exercises, and has an overall positive, fun attitude. [He] responds well to strengthening supplemented with kinesio tape and dry needling to keep his symptoms under control while performing hobbies and work tasks.”

Kinesio tape and dry needling are just two of the treatments Teton Therapy’s expert physical and occupational therapists utilize to help their patients. Each patient has a unique plan of care that’s customized to their specific needs. 

“Being in less pain and having more energy allows me to also manage my PTSD symptoms better,” Carlos says. “My family and friends have noticed that I’m able to spend more time with them and that I’m in a much better mood. My life has gotten way better.”

Throughout the month of June, Teton Therapy is celebrating the amazing, inspiring, fun and funny patients who make our clinics the incredible places they are. Watch this space for more posts about our patients’ success stories, and if you’d like to be one of these stories, schedule your free pain consultation today! Call 307-514-9999, or find us on the web at TetonTherapypc.com.

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