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CHT Spells ‘Excellence in Hand Care’ for Teton Therapy’s Jacqui Vooge OTR/L

Photo Courtesy of Teton Therapy

Teton Therapy is pleased to announce that Jacqui Vooge, our dedicated Cheyenne Clinic Director and Occupational Therapist, has achieved the prestigious Certified Hand Therapist, or CHT, credential.

Jacqui, who has been an integral part of the Teton Therapy team since 2019, recently completed this rigorous certification, marking a significant milestone in her career. The CHT designation is a testament to her commitment to excellence in hand therapy — an achievement recognized industry-wide as a benchmark for superior care.

Certification as a Hand Therapist is no small feat. It involves meeting stringent criteria, including a minimum of three years’ clinical experience and at least 4,000 hours in direct practice in hand therapy. Only about half of test-takers each year successfully pass this challenging exam, underscoring the dedication and expertise required to attain this distinction. CHTs must also recertify every five years to ensure ongoing excellence in their practice.

For patients, the benefits of Jacqui’s CHT credential are substantial. Her specialized training ensures accurate assessments, immediate care and effective treatments that reduce overall treatment time. This leads to faster recovery, decreased medical costs, improved outcomes and a quicker return to work and daily life.

Reflecting on her accomplishment, Jacqui shares, “I am very proud of myself and very happy that the test itself is over. However, my journey of learning and growth as a hand therapist continues.”

Preparing for the CHT exam has not only enriched Jacqui’s knowledge but has also enhanced the quality of care she provides to her patients. “Studying for the test allowed me to explore new treatment methods and deepen my understanding of pathology, anatomy and physiology,” Jacqui explains. “This knowledge enables me to tailor individualized treatment plans that maximize success for each patient, potentially preventing the need for surgical intervention.”

Everyone at Teton Therapy is committed to delivering exceptional care, and Jacqui’s achievement as a Certified Hand Therapist underscores our dedication to providing the highest standards of treatment and rehabilitation.

If you or someone you know could benefit from specialized hand therapy, contact Teton Therapy today to schedule a consultation with Jacqui or any of our expert Physical and Occupational therapists. Call 307-514-9999 or find us on the web at TetonTherapypc.com.

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