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Cooler weekend, chance of thunderstorms ahead for Cheyenne following warmer Friday

Cheyenne Slightly Cloudy Sky (photo by Ash Brinker/ Cap City News)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Cheyenne has already hit nearly 80 degrees this morning, with a high of 88 degrees expected in the afternoon.

The National Weather Service in Cheyenne reported at 6:45 a.m. the temperature in Cheyenne as being 78 degrees, with an expected high of 88 later in the day. Although Cheyenne is starting its day with sunny skies, the service forecasts a 30% chance of rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon when the clouds will thicken up. Winds will come in from the west-northwest at about 10–15 mph and will remain through the day. Gusts could reach 25 mph.

Cloudy skies and the 30% chance of rain will continue through the evening, during which Cheyenne residents can expect a low of 51, according to the NWS in Cheyenne.

The chance of thunderstorms will carry on into the weekend, though the temperature will decrease somewhat and both days will be partly sunny. Saturday will likely see a high of 72 with a 60% chance of precipitation throughout the day. Sunday will see a 50% chance of storms after noon and a high of 70. The likelihood for precipitation will drop to about 30% and the low will be 50 degrees for both Saturday and Sunday nights.

The chance for rain will drop to 40% by Monday afternoon. Monday will be partly sunny and warm up just a bit to a high of 76. By Monday evening, the chance for rain will dwindle even further and the low will be 51.

Tuesday, Cheyenne isn’t out of the woods yet as far as the possibility of rain goes. Tuesday through Thursday will carry a slight chance of rain with high temps of 79, 87 and 86 degrees, respectively. Skies will be mostly sunny.

More on the weather is available from the NWS in Cheyenne.