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Weekend heat wave expected for Cheyenne with potential severe storms Thursday


CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Cheyenne residents will experience a variety of weather conditions this week, according to the National Weather Service in Cheyenne. Today, temperatures will remain cool with gusty winds.

Widespread south to southeast winds will be gusting across southeast Wyoming at 30–40 mph for much of the day. Higher winds, potentially gusting over 50 mph, may occur around the Laramie Valley due to the terrain. This cooler weather follows a strong cold front earlier in the week, leaving temperatures in the low 40s this morning.

Thursday brings a significant change with warmer temperatures and the return of showers and thunderstorms. The NWS in Cheyenne warns of the potential for severe storms, with all severe hazards possible.

Storm activity will increase due to a combination of warm, moist air and various lifting mechanisms, including isentropic lift and a jet streak. These storms may start strong but could transition to a wind threat as they move east.

Friday could bring more severe weather, although the threat might be less intense than on Thursday. The weather service notes that shear profiles, or vertical changes in wind speed, and mid-level lapse rates, or the rate at which temperature decreases with height in the mid-atmosphere, are expected to decrease. Despite this, strong storms are still possible due to moisture convergence, where moisture accumulates in a region, and the available energy for thunderstorms.

This weekend into early next week, Cheyenne will see hot and mostly dry weather. Afternoon highs will likely be above 90 east of the Laramie Range. There’s a low chance of showers and storms during this period. Sunday and Monday will be particularly warm, with temperatures possibly reaching the mid-90s. Some areas along the North Platte River valley could see triple-digit heat.