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Game and Fish director again calls for a stop to aerial mountain goat culling

Mountain goats are considered an invasive species in Grand Teton National Park. (National Park Service)

The Wyoming Game and Fish Director Brian Nesvik again called for the stop to the mountain goat culling through aerial gunning in Grand Teton National Park. The announcement came Friday, February 21, 2020 on the Wyoming Game and Fish website.

The park intends to begin mountain goat removal Friday and through the weekend. 

Wyoming Game and Fish says that; in a phone call to Gopaul Noojibail, acting Grand Teton Park superintendent; they made a third request to stop aerial gunning to remove mountain goats from the Targhee herd. 

“While we recognize Grand Teton National Park’s efforts to address the expansion of mountain goats in native bighorn sheep ranges, the department has been consistent in voicing our opposition to the use of aerial lethal removal,” said Brian Nesvik, Game and Fish director. 

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission passed a resolution in Jan. 2020 condemning the use of aerial gunning to manage goats and urged Grand Teton to use skilled volunteers as the removal method. In a letter dated Jan. 28, 2019, the Department formally recommended the Park to use skilled volunteers for mountain goat removal.

“Game and Fish continues to hear from the public loud disapproval of the Park’s selected method of removal,” Director Nesvik said. “I have again asked the acting superintendent to use skilled volunteers because it aligns with the public’s desires for acceptable methods of removal while allowing the park to achieve their objectives to reduce mountain goat populations.”

This article originally appeared on Oil City News. Used with permission.