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Jackson resident named ‘Wyoming Woman Entrepreneur of the Year’

Sara Flitner (Courtesy of the Wyoming Council of Woman)

CHEYENNE< Wyo. — The Wyoming Council for Women announced on Wednesday that Jackson resident Sara Flitner has been named the 2021 Wyoming Woman Entrepreneur of the Year.

Flitner is the founder of “Becoming Jackson Whole,” an organization that works to provide “mindfulness-based services and resources,” according to the Wyoming Council for Women. She also operates Flitner Strategies, which operates across the state and works to provide “collaborative problem solving, organizational leadership, and authentic communication services.”

“The Wyoming Council for Women is proud to recognize and celebrate female entrepreneurs across the Cowboy State,” Wyoming Council for Women Chair Jennifer Wilmetti said. “These women create jobs and generate important revenue for our state and local communities while providing services and skills that are desperately needed. Sara Flitner is an effective leader who is helping to incorporate soft skills and mindfulness into Wyoming businesses, nonprofits, and government work and is most deserving of this honor.”

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Flitner expressed surprise at having been selected for the award.

“Few of us go to work expecting to receive an honor like this, so you can imagine how far my jaw fell,” she said. “Surprise aside, I truly believe in the crucial timing of this work: now more than ever, our workplaces must prioritize the human capacities that make businesses, communities and families thrive.”

“I hope this award is felt by all the women and men who’ve helped me along the way. My mentors taught me the things we are now learning we can expand and improve: resilience, empathy, self-awareness. You made working fun for me. And to those entrepreneurs just starting their careers: find your passion and pay attention to it. Don’t worry if it takes you awhile to figure out what that passion is, and worry even less when it takes others awhile to catch you.”

An award reception for Flitner will be held from 5:30-7 p.m. Thursday, October 7 at the Wort Hotel in Jackson. The public can attend the free event.