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Veterans from across the U.S. traveled to Riverton for Hunting With Heroes

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County 10 September 23, 2021

(Riverton, WY) – Last week, 10 disabled veterans spent time in Fremont County for the annual Hunting With Heroes event. They traveled coast to coast to participate this year, ranging from North Carolina to Washington.

In addition to filling their tags with volunteer guides, they were honored with a community dinner and got to experience a private tour of the National Museum of Military Vehicles led by owner Dan Starks.

Around 150 community members attended the community dinner Saturday night where the veterans were celebrated and honored. 

The evening included a Quilts of Valor ceremony by our local chapter. 

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Ava and Remington Bailey also honored the veterans with paintings they made and presented them during the dinner. This is their fourth year doing this, shared their mom KaCee. 

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Darin Coyle, Hunting With Heroes Riverton Chapter Coordinator, shared the veterans who attended this year included: John Endres – Michigan, John Hudson – California, Rob McCready – Washington, Matt Leutynski – North Carolina, Jeremy Dinsmore – Tennessee, Tim Ramirez – Idaho, Caleb Strough – Idaho, Lorenzo Baldivia – Missouri, Bill Rider – Montana, and Matt King – Wyoming. 

Winning the big buck award this year was Matt Leutynski. He scored a 75, according to Darin. 

The 13 fallen service members who were killed in Afghanistan last month were also honored during the evening. 

This included a fundraiser for the wife of Marine Rylee McCollum, one of the 13 service members who is from Wyoming. Just under $6,000 was raised Saturday evening for her and their newborn, Darin noted. He plans to deliver the funds in person. 

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Overall, over 200 veterans are expected to participate statewide in Hunting With Heroes Wyoming this year. He shared appreciation for all of the volunteers who make this possible. 

Five of the veterans will return this year to hunt mule deer thanks to locals who paid it forward and donated their tags, shared Darin.

Tags can be donated directly to Hunting With Heroes online or by contacting Darin directly at darincoyle@gmail.com or (307) 851-1634.