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VIDEO: University of Wyoming launches next phase of ‘The World Needs More Cowboys’ marketing campaign

(Screenshot via UW, YouTube)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — The University of Wyoming announced on Monday that it has launched a new phase of its “The World Needs More Cowboys” marketing campaign.

The new phase of the campaign includes a new “I am a Cowboy” video that features UW students, employees, alumnis and supporters:

UW said that the new video will be used to advertise the university on digital platforms to reach prospective students and parents in targeted regions. It will also be used for traditional media spots both inside and outside of the state

The new video builds on themes from UW’s “The World Needs More Cowboys” video that was recognized as the “Best of Show” in the 2018 Educational Advertising Awards competition. That video has been viewed more than 1.62 million times on YouTube.

“We hit a home run with the first video, which drew upon Wyoming’s proud heritage and redefined what it means to be a Cowboy in this day and age, distilling it down to the inner spirit of curiosity and boldness that all who call themselves Cowboys and Cowgirls can identify with — no matter their race or gender, or whether they’re students, employees, alumni or other supporters,” UW Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications Chad Baldwin said in UW’s announcement on Monday. “The new video is in the same spirit, highlighting an inclusive community composed of curious, courageous, authentic individuals who are optimists, risk-takers and adventure-seekers.”

“The pandemic made it impossible to shoot and produce the video as planned in 2020, so we’re delighted to finally be able to launch it now.”

UW plans to launch more “I Am a Cowboy” videos in coming months. The campaign will continue to feature the phrase “The World Needs More Cowboys” along with the following subtaglines:

  • “The World Needs More Relentless Curiosity.”
  • “The World Needs More Unbendable Optimism.”
  • “The World Needs More Outside Thinkers.”
  • “The World Needs More Fearless Independence.”
  • “The World Needs More Unyielding Courage.”
  • “Bucking the System Since 1886.”
  • “Epically Innovative Since 1886.”
  • “Strongly Resilient Since 1886.”

UW said that its “The World Needs More Cowboys” campaign has resulted in coverage that has an estimated value of $6.1 million. The university said that the campaign has helped increase the number of prospective students inquiring about UW and that it has also helped drive increases in donations to the university.