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Sublette County Sheriff investigates wolf incident amid public outcry


CHEYENNE, Wyo. — The Sublette County Sheriff’s Office confirmed it is investigating a wolf-related incident that took place on Feb. 29. The case, initially managed by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department due to its wildlife nature, gained significant attention after going viral last week, according to a press release by the Sublette County Sheriff’s Office.

“While we understand the outrage, we would request that those wishing to express their concerns refrain from overwhelming our office and communications center,” Public Information Officer Sergeant Travis Bingham stated in a press release.

This plea comes as thousands of calls and emails have poured in globally, diverting resources from other local emergencies.

The sheriff’s office, in collaboration with the Sublette County Attorney’s Office and Wyoming Game and Fish Department, is currently gathering evidence and information. However, due to the active status of the investigation, further details remain undisclosed.

The incident has sparked a wave of intense public reaction, including threats of violence. These threats have targeted both the local resident, Mr. Roberts, and his family, raising concerns about safety and the effectiveness of the ongoing investigation.

“We have become aware of a number of individuals who have resorted to threats of violence as their means of expressing frustration. Please understand that such actions endanger the lives and the peace of the residents of Sublette County, State and County employees, and innocent people outside Sublette County not at all involved in the situation,” Bingham stated. “Threats of violence against Mr. Roberts or his family are also not appropriate.”

Additionally, expressions of violence and harassment can also result in hindering law enforcement investigations as potential witnesses choose not to come forward or cooperate for fear of retribution.

Officials urge anyone with information to contact the sheriff’s office via its tip line at 307-212-5108 or through email at sheriffinfo@sublettecountywy.gov. The authorities emphasize that constructive cooperation from the public is appreciated.

The community is reminded to remain patient and respectful as the sheriff’s office strives to resolve this matter responsibly.