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Senate kills bill that would have created I-80 toll fees in Wyoming


CHEYENNE, Wyo. —A bill that would have introduced information about upcoming legislation regarding tolling on Interstate 80 failed in the Wyoming Senate on the morning of Tuesday, Feb. 11. 

The legislation was introduced by Sen. Michael Von Flatern, who has discussed this legislation for more than a decade. He asked for a favorable vote from his fellow senators. 

They declined, making this the first bill the Wyoming Senate has killed before it even got to a committee. The vote was 11 ayes to 18 nos. 

SF 6 would have created a tolling program, granting power to the transportation commission and defined the duties of this commission and for the Wyoming Department of Transportation. 

Von Flatern explained to the senators that this bill would create possibilities for future legislation. 

“Basically, we’re asking for a bill for the future session of the legislature, so we can bring it back and have certain items in it, like why we should toll the road, how we’ll exempt Wyoming-registered vehicles and how much they expect to garner,” Von Flatern said while introducing the bill.