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Wyoming bill would ban all handheld phone use while driving


This article originally appeared on Oil City News. Used with permission.

CASPER, Wyo. — The Wyoming House of Representatives is tentatively set to consider a bill which would ban all handheld electronic device use while driving during their Friday, Feb. 14 floor session.

Under current law it is illegal to write, read or send text-based communication communication while driving, but it is legal to make or take calls with a handheld phone while driving.

House Bill 0211 would make it illegal to use handheld electronic devices while driving for any purpose. An exception would still exist under the proposed law which allows people to use electronic devices to contact emergency response vehicles.

Voice operated, hands free technology which allows people to take calls or send messages would still be legal.

The bill is sponsored by Representatives Blackburn, Pownall and Washut.

During a budget session, at least two-thirds of the House must vote to have a proposed bill or resolution introduced. Those resolutions which meet this threshold are then assigned to a committee.

Committees which have been assigned resolutions after approval on an introductory vote in the House will vote to “pass,” “do not pass” or “pass with amendments.”

Resolutions which make it out of committee then return to the full House for consideration. The House then must approve a resolution on three readings before it is sent to the Senate, who must pass it on three readings.

Concerned about this or other legislation? An online hotline system allows Wyomingites to have messages delivered to legislators on issues they are concerned with.